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Kettlebell success stories?

Hi, I would like to read about people's (especially women who are trying to lose body fat and inches) kettlebell success stories. I'm looking to lose body fat and inches and all around look slimmer (as opposed to those who want to bulk up). I'm not a petite woman, I have more of an athletic build and I'm not wanting to be super skinny either (I like my curves, but I want better proportions).

I'm a women who is 5'6 & approx size 10-12, 157 pounds with

38 inch pecs

36 inch waist (I'd love to be 28, but I am a short torso so I probably won't get a tiny waist)

40 inch abs (I have a used tire around my non existent waist)

40 inch hips

25 inch upper thigh

I currently do pilates 2-3 times a week, plus cardio mixed with strength training sessions 3 times a week, plus lots of bike riding on city streets for commuting/fun. My goals are to increase energy, strength, and endurance (I was born w/ asthma so I get winded easily and can't do high intensity cardio for w/out lots of breaks) and lose inches and fat.

i'm not concerned with looking "ripped".


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I'm yet to be able to report results in terms of fat/inches lost, but after a few sessions with kettlebells this kink I had in my right shoulder simply vanished!!! I had it for about six months, and it's been gone for about three weeks now.

The other positive thing for me is that I feel really accomplished when I finish my workouts, and the skills to be built are pretty much endless, so I see myself doing my kettlebell workouts for a long time =)

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I'm not a woman, obviously, but I do have experience with kettle bell workouts. I've done them in conjunction with the SCD and I saw bigger losses in my measurements than I did on the scale. They really do tone a big portion of your body. I say you try it, it works! If if doesn't work, no harm done. You won't be gaining weight unless it's muscle.





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I've been doing kettlebells for about a year now and just started the SCD last month. (Disclaimer: I also have hypothyroidism [Hashimoto's] that I'm trying to bust through.) With kettlebells I have been able to get stronger than I have with any other workout plan with far less effort. I'd never had a strong core or upper body until kettlebells. I'd suggest checking out youtube videos of the correct way to swing (first) then check out other moves. I'd HIGHLY recommend seeing a trainer who is certified in kettlebells at least a few times to make sure that you're doing it right. There is a GREAT potential for injury if you do it wrong, especially if you use a heavier weight like you are supposed to.

As far as weight loss: I haven't seen much in this month, but like I said I have thyroid issues. Kettlebells will definitely help you gain muscle and it will give you an ass, too! It's great unless you already had an ass, like me, it has just made it more muscular, but that's better than the alternative I guess!

Here are some moves/combos that are great to do:

I'd suggest getting a 25lb and a 35lb to start

2 handed swings (35lb)

1 handed swings (25lb)

cleans and presses (25lb)

Turkish getup (bodyweight, then maybe 10lbs [they're hard!])

One and two handed/legged deadlifts (either weight)

Squats and squats with curl (start low and work up to the 25 then 35)

I hope this helps!

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