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No-xplode alternative?

I'm looking for a no-xplode alternative for use in the geek-to-freak plan.

Reason being, I apparently am having some severe allergic reaction to no-xplode. Very odd, never had an allergic reaction in my life, but past three days taking it I developed pretty ugly red blotchy spots all over my body like 30 minutes after drinking, haha. Not itchy or irritating, though there was some burning sensation in like my neck/ears. Haven't isolated no-xplode as the cause but I'm pretty sure that's it.

Anyways, I've seen some alternatives around the internet, but I don't know exactly what it is about no-xplode that led Tim to use/recommend it specifically. Any idea what I should try instead? I've read that creatine can cause allergic reactions... Hopefully that isn't the case, but if it is, what should I do?

Also if you have any medical tips, feel free to share.


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I stack Jacked3D and Nitrox II Soft Gels before a workout. It gives me energy to work out and the muscle pumps are great. (Warning: The Jacked3D may make you a bit jittery)



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Jack3d is what I've been sticking with. Plus the dosages are a lot less then NOexplode, but the energy I found to be a lot better.



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Do you know what ingredient in NO X is bothering you?

Jack3d is a good alternative, but the best pre-workout supplement I've found is MusclePharm's Assault. But it has a lot of ingredients, including both kinds of creatine. But it will definitely give you a boost that will probably last til after your workout.


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There are so many "pre-workouts" that work great, however keep in mind each one effects people differently.

My personal favorites are:

Assault by Muscle Pharm


Hemo-Rage-Black (ultra-concentrate)


check here for more



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I prefer Cellucor C4 extreme over jack3d as alternatives over no xplode. I get a much stronger kick out of it. The price is more reasonable, as well.


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I would go with USPlabs' Jack3d or even Gaspari Nutrition's SuperPump250. I've tried them both and they work well.


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