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Good Morning Everyone,

I read the 4-hour body book. I have tried to start the slow carb diet a few times but after a week it's rough. My biggest problem is my family and friends don't make it easy. So I've put the diet on hold.

Now to my question. I have started doing 75 kettebell swings every other day with a 20lb kettlebell. It doesn't seam like that's enough to make much of a change, should I increase the reps or do them every day?

I'm 186lb 5' 11" 27 year old male.

Thank You,


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I've coming onto my 3rd week on the diet and lost just under 10 lbs, I started adding the kettlebell at the beginning of the second week and so far have seen drasticly faster results. That being said, focus on the diet first and foremost! Worry about minimizing fat before putting on muscle. Plus, once you get the diet down it will be easier to add in an exercise routine.

That being said, I agree with Neo that you may not be using a heavy enough bell. If after 75 straight reps, you feel like you could do more, then increase the weight, start doing them everyday instead of everyother. But I can not stress how important sticking to the diet is! You wont get great results with the kettle bell alone!

The best way to stick to the diet is to make sure you always have something prepared, so you don't have the excuse of having "nothing to eat" to allow yourself to deviate from the diet. For example, I make a big pot of Chili every Sunday and have it ready to go for work lunches throughout the week :)

Let us know how it goes and good luck!

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no......I would find a local RKC (Russian Kettlebell challenge) certified trainier and have him teach you , swings, deadlifts, cleans, squats, and presses. Get your groove on with the deadlift and swings.......you may want to up it after 2-3 weeks.....but believe it or not to do the swing properly takes time and good technique......too much ....too soon with inadequate technique is a recipe for disaster as the force in a swing is much greater than just it's weight...


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The Kettlebell is an extremely effective tool for exercise. The Kettlebell swing is a wonderful overall, full-body exercise that will both help to burn fat, and build lean muscle. That having been said, you need to be using the right weight Kettlebell. At 20lbs, I'm guessing your Kettlebell is about 20-25lbs too light!

If you are able to do 75 Kettlebell swings and feel as though you're not doing enough work, your bell is far too light. You should pick up a bell that's 40-45lbs and see how that works for you. Keep strict form, and enjoy the burn!

RE: the Slow Carb diet. I lost my first 20 pounds in my first 30 days of taking on the slow carb lifestyle WITHOUT working out at all. It is NOT easy, it is NOT fun, but it is 20x more effective than exercise alone. If you are going to do one or the other, focus ALL of your energy on sticking to the Slow Carb for 30 days. Not a year, not six months, just focus on 30 days. When you hit the 30 day mark you can decide where to go from there.

At this point I couldn't go back to the way I used to eat. Between the phenomenal success I've had losing the weight and keeping it off, and the way I feel every day, it wouldn't be worth the added foods to have to endure those energy spikes, and then crashes, the bloated feeling of eating fast food, and the gradual increase in body fat.

Keep at it, and good luck to you!


-neo FNC


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20lbs seems quite light for someone of your size and gender. Tim recommends the 53lb kettlebell. If you're handling the 20 just fine, you might consider making your own T-bar and getting some plates so you can up your weight incrementally.

It also depends upon what your goals are. Are you trying to gain muscle or lose weight? If it's gaining muscle, you will need to do more than just the kettlebell swings for that. If it's losing weight, increasing the frequency might work.

Tim (not THE Tim)

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