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some secrets I learned on my diet so far

here are some things that I have learned through experimentation lately, that hopefully will help yall out.

high fat can kill your progress- even on SCD fats should still be watched. I figured a little mayo would be ok since there are no sugars, and basically only fat. Mayo killed my progress. After stopping I noticed my muscle gain/ fat loss started going.

water tricks- along with the mayo issue I noticed that water was in a slight lack in my diet. I started increasing water intake at a linear rate every day and my results and overall appearance have improved. While drinking at least 3/4 of a gallon a day seems to keep your diet going, I have noticed that exceeding this amount can vastly improve results. I have been trying to drink twice this amount daily. The results of which are:

faster recovery from workouts

faster sleep (just don't drink right before bed or that'll change fast)

better skin (less breakouts)

less sunburn (can't tell you how true this one really is. I used to work on yachts. I can say that the says I got sunburn I was dehydrated, and if I did get sunburn, drinking lots and lots and LOTS of water did help speed recovery)

Lower need for food

The last really neat result was found by mistake. While on a cheat day I was at a party and went wild with the boos. At the end of the party, there was a bit of drama with a certain lady friend that got me pretty upset. At that point I didn't know what to do, but I didn't want to drink anymore. I started chugging water (like a gallon in about an hour). The results? I had stomach cramps for about an hour from all the water and pissed like a race horse every 30 minutes for like 3 hours, but I had almost no hangover the next morning, and I noticed that the alcohol had almost no effect on figure. I can usually tell the next day that the alcohol affected my diet, but that day I still looked like I did before starting my cheat. Gonna try it again and see if the same thing happens next drinking cheat time.

Running- the last thing that I have gone back to is running regularly. I know that Tim says running is not really necessary for the SCD program, but I honestly love it and decided to see what happened. Since running I have greatly increased fat loss again, and I am still maintaining muscle tone. I didn't change my workout sched.. As for my running I run a mile or two usuallly, at a 6-5:30min/mi pace. For muscle progress, I'm increasing not much slower than before (about 5lbs/2-3 weeks for chest and lifts).

hope this helps

  • alessusnik commented May 2nd 2011:
    great info! thanks for sharing.
  • jamesandrewbateman commented May 2nd 2011:
    Thanks for that... I'm on Occam's and think I will try upping my Water to a Gallon and a bit and see what happens.

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I've never been a huge water drinker before SCD, and I have been forcing myself to drink more water since starting. Now I perpetually carry around a 1000mL water bottle and feel like i'm drinking from it all day. But i'm still having difficulty finishing 3 of those bottles a day because i'm just not thirsty. How do you managed drinking twice that amount everyday?

  • cgorrell commented May 5th 2011:
    sounds like your using a nalgene. unless your mixing protein drinks don't they suck. go with something easy to drink from like a gallon jug or a cup with straw. try always having water on you when moving around. I dothis and drink subconsciously.
  • brooke brennan commented Jul 22nd 2011:

    i dont drink nearly enough water either...a trick i try to use is when in my daily traffic commute to and from work i take a sip from my water bottle at every stop/ light. before you know it you have drank a few cups of water!


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You sound like you're doing great, and thanks for the tips. I use coconut oil like crazy, and I believe it helps me lose weight.

Also, you must be in great shape if you can run 2 miles in 11 minutes. Good for you!

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