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Week 8 Updates--pictures and TI--I think I am stalling

Here are the updates after 8 weeks of SCD, pretty much the same measurements as week 6.

Here are the measurements:

L Week 8 (week 7) / R

Bi/Tri 10.75 (10.6) / 10.75 (10.75)

Waist 27 (26.75)

Bellybutton 31 (31.5)

Hip 36 (36.2)

Thighs 21.25 (21.25) / 21.25 (21.25)


Total Inches: 131 Inches, 0.8 inches loss from Week 7, same as week 6.

Weight: 120, 3lbs loss from week 7 and same as week 6

I haven't made any progress since week 6. Any suggestions? I am very frustrated.

Thank you!

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same happened to me. i lost .5 pounds in week 6. seriously amped up my protein intake for breakfast and switched over to mostly poultry, as opposed to red meat. boom -- 4.5 pounds down in week 7. worked for me, at the least.

best of luck. think you're looking GREAT though!

  • daisyrains commented May 2nd 2011:
    Thank you for the kind words. :) I still need to drop 10 lbs. When you eat chicken, do you eat chicken breast or thighs? I hate breast, so my poultry is always chicken thighs. I wonder that has something to do with it?


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Thighs tend to have more fat in them thus more calories per serving. It would depend on how much thigh meat you are consumming though. What is the issue with Breast meat?

  • jitkajulie commented Sep 30th 2011:

    I totally understand daisyrains..chicken breasts are dryyyyyyyy :)

  • flowergirlie commented Sep 30th 2011:

    cook your chicken breast in olive oil, lemon juice with added spices. Marinate if you can and cook until the pink is gone. they are probably dry because you overdid them. you could also stir fry them but again just till the pink is gone.

    hang in there, I'm only loosing 1-2lbs a week, but slow and steady wins the race.

    Water definately is a key to flush the bod!


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Up your Water. Stay obsessively hydrated for a week, 10-12 water bottles a day. I like taking 2 of the 1.5L smart water bottles a day.

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