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Low back pain

Has anyone followed the guidelines in the book and found a reversal of low back injuries? I'm very active but find that in most events I do the threshold of performance is set by my back condition rather than endurance fitness. I decided today to change things and would be interested in hearing some first hand accounts.


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I recommend you buy this: Sacro Wedgy: http://amzn.to/lPMVf0

I found it in a Kettlebell blog, it really did the trick for me.

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Back pain is always because something is going on or going wrong. It can't be 'fixed' but it can be managed and controlled.

S Joshua's post was good, and I'm not saying that because I'm a chiropractor, but there's some sensible advice for embarking on chiropractic care. In the case of yourself S Joshua, you are aware that because of a pre-existing condition you need tune ups.

Most patients that come to me want a quick fix, a pill, but the majority have been managing a problem for years so that it's no longer just the original problem, there's also the wear and tear from years of trying to cope.

If back pain has limited you for years then it's about time you did something rather than wishing it away.

If it's a chiropractor you go to, be realistic, it'll take in the region of 10+ treatments to get the problem under control and then expect/want to go every month or so. (I use the analogy of training in the gym, once you achieve your perfect body, doesn't mean you can stop going to the gym)

I spent my first 3 years in practice worrying about asking a patient to commit to a certain number of treatments and consequently under-treated and failed a lot of people. Now if a patient doesn't want to commit, I send them to the pharmacy up the road.... much cheaper and quicker.

And you're right S Joshua, don't touch anyone who uses flashy and expensive machines, a good diagnosis and technique is all that's required.


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I had lower back pain for ~10 years now, starting when I was in high school - I had acute scoliosis when I was younger, and as a result had upper and lower back problems. I went to the chiropractor once when I was 16, and he straightened everything back out, but thing eventually deteriorated again and I lived for 10 years just being careful of what I did with my back, thinking it was a problem that couldn't ever really be remedied. It was so bad that roughly once a year I could expect to miss 3-4 days of life after tweaking things in my back so bad that I could barely get out of bed.

2.5 months ago there was a wellness fair at my office, so I decided to check it out. I was skeptical or chiropractors, and it took two different doctors until I found one I trust and rely on, but I can say that I am now completely pain free, and have been able to go about once per month now for tune-ups and continue to live with my back like I never thought was possible. I can bend, pivot and flex better than ever before. The chiropractor also gave me a handful of stretches that I perform daily, coupled with maintaining my normal workout regimen, that really helps.

I don't mean to be pitching here, but if it is a long-term condition you have, look up a chiropractor. Your best bet is to find one that doesn't care about the money (trying to get your to agree to long-term care plans), and doesn't use any new-age (gimic-like, too good to be true) devices. Just find someone that will trust your judgment as to when you need an adjustment.

  • PansyLu commented Jun 26th 2011:

    See your doctor and get an MRI - back pain is no joke and can be caused by lots of different issues from weak muscles to herniated disks.

    I mixed a few things together, adjusted times and order, and do this 2 nights a week with pretty good results.

    Re-Align (Pg 303-306 and 377-378)

    air bench 90 sec

    15 active bridges w/ pillow + 5 each side 1 leg glute activation X 3.

    static shoulder bridge w/ pillow 90 sec

    side splits 90 sec

    re-positioning the pelvis 90 sec each pose each side (all 4's, weight off one leg + weight shifted to outside 4")

    Modified Plow Pose (legs over head neck stretch support low back) 90 sec

    static extension position on elbows 90 s

    1 leg Modified Supine Groin Progression in band 2 min + on floor 2 min each side

    2 leg static back 5 min

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