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Is there a way to see all of my previous answers?

If I go into my profile, I know I can see the previous ~25 answers I have submitted, but is there a way that I can see all of them? I definitely enjoy giving people feedback and helping, but some questions are repetitive, and I like the ability of referring people to a previous answer I provided if it even partially answers their inquiry. Additionally, it is helpful because if they are in a similar boat, they can see the other replies from the similar questions.

Problem here is, if it doesn't show up in my recent answers, and I don't know what the exact title of the original question was, it is tricky to track back to it. I can usually track it down my diving into the topic and finding it again, but convenience would be nicer :)

  • pdx4hbHolly commented Apr 29th 2011:
    I don't know the answer to your question but I did want to say that I appreciate reading your answers, I find them very helpful! So, thanks, s joshua!


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Quick and dirty way is to search for it, but I will look into making it better, translated into my geek language this sounds like following features:

  • pager for getting more content (like "see more") bringing next 25 at the time
  • ordering answers by date (in addition to existing stuff) on profile answers section
  • relevant questions/ answers based on tags and text (any ideas how to make this one work well are very welcome)

While I am on it is there any closely related features, you think would like to make it really useful? You guys usually have very inspiring comments, so help me out here to make it tight.

I am thinking of option for marking questions as duplicates and linking them together (like. "I just started, any tips" > questions). Think of it as "already answered" flag that freezes question and redirects people on original thread. Sounds like we would have to make some moderations tools accessible to more "senior" members. Take it from here, with comments, vote up, if you like idea. As always, 20+ votes makes it happen :)

P.S. I know it is needed, votes help us prioritize it.

  • s joshua commented May 2nd 2011:
    "see more" and "sort by date" in profile would be awesome. Also, possibility for a search field that reads beyond the thread titles (advanced search options)? I usually kill my tags (oops!) but if you are setting up features to use them I won't anymore
  • s joshua commented May 2nd 2011:
    The question redirecting idea is great, as long as it isn't overused: some question may be very close, but people veer a different direction with it. I just wouldn't want something to be locked that wasnt completely answered somewhere else :)

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