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Weight Loss Graph

Although I have only lost about 13 lbs, it is interesting to see the trend in loss over time. There are a lot of ups and downs, due to binge days, but over time the trend was definitely down. I started PAGG on Feb 21 and just finished two cycles. I will be off for at least another month. I am curious as to what affect that will have.


  • kpartin commented Apr 29th 2011:
    The spikes are definitely after a binge day. I have kept a calendar with my weight since the beginning everyday. My binge day is on Saturday (which is usually my lowest weight point for the week). My weight will continue to increase after binge day
  • kpartin commented Apr 29th 2011:
    for up to 3 days, then it starts to fall. Usually on Wednesday after a binge, my weight will start to drop.

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Nice job! I think the best and safest way to lose weight is to do it in a period of time, not in one or two weeks.

Thank you for posting this--it's helpful to see the general trend of going down, although there were some ups from week to week. This is very helpful to keep myself motivated while battling with weekly ups after cheat day! :)


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This is really interesting! Can you pinpoint in your graph the binge days?

  • daisyrains commented Apr 28th 2011:
    I would guess those are the "up" spikes. :)

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