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Questions about the 15 minute female orgasm for Nicole Daedone and OneTaste

Hello 4 hour body superhuman's! I have been offered a chance to interview OneTaste (the organization featured in the Four Hour Body 15 Minute Female Orgasm Part Deux) and I am trying to put together a list of user questions that people would like answered. These are questions pertaining to "the doing method" that is featured in the book. If anybody has tried this out or wants to try this out and is confused or wants to understand the process now is the time to get your questions answered. So if you have a sex question from the book, and it is about the 15 minute female orgasm, let's here them!


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Just one question: Can I find TF and give him a high five? I've never had a problem reaching orgasm since I first discovered how, but I often find it difficult to instruct men on EXACTLY how I like it. Reading the chapter, I started out skeptical, which turned into "yeah, that sounds about right" to getting a little turned on (which was awkward, because I was in Barnes and Nobel).

I used the wording TF gave, had my boyfriend assume the "leaned across the abdomen" position, and had great results! Thanks, Tim :P

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Any suggestions with females that have little feeling in the genital area? (ie: need stronger stimulation/lack sensation)

  • kimhowerton commented Sep 18th 2011:

    Joiedevivre, stick with it. Over time you will begin to notice a difference. Most women who have been OMing regularly for a year or more, say they feel more not only in their clit but their whole genital area and their body in general. Regardless of whether they had a lot of feeling down there to start with or not.


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Joiedevivre- i'm not a female. however I know that meditative type practices can increase sensation over time. sensation is not purely a physical thing where you are limited because you have fewer nerve endings than another woman. there are other things that go into the level of sensation you experience... emotional, spiritual etc... and what you have been thinking... and also the learned feelings in the area...

  • Joiedevivre commented Jul 26th 2011:

    Interesting thought, but previously sensations were intact and in proper working order. Will ponder this one, though.

  • Stephen commented Jul 27th 2011:

    First of all I want to apologize, I didn't realize that anyone had asked questions here until tonight. So now that I know I am going to try to see if I can get the pros to answer them. Stay tuned. Hopefully I will have a good answer to all of your questions real soon.


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How does what she is teaching differ from what she learned from the Morehouse folks?

  • kimhowerton commented Sep 16th 2011:

    Genital stroking actually has quite a long history ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_hysteria). Nicole took the basics of what had come before and made it into a practice. This makes OM something that's a lot easier for women to say yes to, because it's reliable and well-defined what's going to happen. Any two people can say, "Would you like to OM?" and know exactly what to expect. Also, because of how many people have taken it on as a practice and are sticking with it, more and more people are starting to really see the long-term benefits. In that way it's kind of like yoga for the genitals.

  • JoyMc commented Sep 17th 2011:

    kimh- love the yoga for genitals quip- perfect.


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The Doing method is an external clitoral stimulation method. I'd like to know if they've tested it simultaneously with the various internal stimulus methods:

Deep cervical level penetration around the cervical fornix.

Graffenberg Spot manipulation

Crus Clitoral Stimulation

  • kimhowerton commented Sep 18th 2011:

    Since Stephen hasn't posted any answers from his interview yet, I'll jump in. As you mention, there are a number of indirect ways of stimulating the clitoral nerves, which run along the top (the so-called G-spot) and sides if the vaginal walls. But they are far outshown by a gentle, precise stroke directly on the glans by a trained OM practitioner. Internal stimulation can be a useful supplement particularly for beginning OMers (or those who only learned to "Do") until they are able to develop a good technique. For advanced OMers, internal stimulation is only rarely used. But I will say, with a skilled OMer, those internal strokes feel *fantastic*! The primary thing is to practice your clitoral stroking technique and get good at it.

  • sirspiffy commented Nov 5th 2011:

    Thanks, I'd love to see some comparative brain scans of this one day and see which is really doing more in terms of total pleasure output. I've had great results with the g-spot. I've yet to have success TDM and hope to master it soon. I haven't yet mastered teh C spot yet either. The U spot requires special tools and will be a while before I know anything other than here-say about it.

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