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What's the best medicine for an awful heel spur?

I've been nursing this back and forth for a few months...the best thing I did was buy Dr. Scholls for all of my shoes...I have no arch in the foot....so any thoughts or treatments that worked?


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I had heel spurs after wearing cheap golf shoes. Try rolling your heel on a golf ball,while applying as much pressure as you can stand. Hurts like hell but helped.This will help break down spurs

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I had heal spurs, even had an x-ray that showed a shark tooth coming out the bottom of my foot bone! My chiropractor at the time gave me a supplement. I'm sorry I don't recall what it was but if you do an internet search you will find some bone spur supplements, or talk with a natural healing doctor. My bone spurs now? Gone. That has been over 20 years now.

Good Luck!


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In addition to the golf ball/tennis ball rolling technique, you need to stretch out the tight plantar fascia that is causing the heel spur to begin with, as well as your calf muscles (the gastrocnemius and soleus).

Calf stretches are typically done by leaning against the wall with the affected foot to the back. Your text to link here...

This isn't the best picture of the stretch, but it hits the main points. I have my patients do it standing facing the wall with the ball of their foot up on the wall, heel on the ground. Then to stretch, bring the knee toward the wall. This is a very thick piece of tissue, almost like leather, so I find it much more effective to hold for minutes at a time instead of the 10 seconds that this site recommends.

Your text to link here...

I like this better: IntensiveCalfStretch.jpg

Be patient! These take a while, but with arch supports, ball rolls, and calf and fascia stretches it will get better with time and shouldn't be a recurrent problem.


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Look up a product called Strassburg Sock. Also, get fitted for a pair of running shoes. Don't just get a pair off the shelf, go to a running store and get fitted. They helped me better than my doctor did.


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I second the golf ball, but prevention is the best. Get rid of your awful shoes! I was flat footed for years due to wearing dress shoes for work. Threw them out, got flat soled shoes and five finger shoes for my days off. Best thing I ever did. Eliminated my lower back pain,and I now have almost normal feet!

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