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Stuck - help appreciated

I've been on 4hb (just the weight loss part) for about 4 weeks. During the first week I effortlessly lost 4-5 pounds. After that, I continued to improve my diet, to the point that I probably consume 30-50% fewer calories on a non-cheat day than I used to, but the weight loss has stopped completely and may have reversed by a pound. The only positive development was that I've lost 1 rung on my belt (I didn't take measurements at the start, alas, so this is the best I have). However, my body fat scale tells me I've been steady in that department and also in muscle, so I'm not sure whether most of this run didn't happen in the first week. What could be going wrong? Here's what's going right:rnNo breads/grains/high or mid-glycemic index foods.rnLots of proteinsrnHigh consistencyrnInitial weight loss/belt lossrnSome increase in leg strength (post knee surgery - I'm keenly aware of any changes)rnrnHere's what might be going wrong:rnI take some sugar and cream with my coffee, including decaf - total of 6 cups/day (mostly decaf) - about a teaspoon of sugar at a timernI realize that I may have been eating more bacon than I should on certain days (but only sporadically - 4-5 times a month)rnI've been drinking a little bit of alcohol - about 1 drink/day. Mostly irish cream/cognac/wine. Mostly at night.rnNo time to exercise but walking is as usual - average of 10k steps a day - some more, some less.rnrnI can't seem to find holes big enough to explain absence of weight loss. Any advice on typical fallacies?rn

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