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Has ANYONE actually completed the 12week Ultra Endurance schedule?

The 4HB was published the end of 2010. It's now April 2011 and Tim's still yet to publish the results of his 12 week Ultra Endurance 'trial'. I've looked online and in the forums to see if anyone else has found any success but to little avail.

It's slightly ironic that the one part of the book I really wanted to give a go is the one part that hasn't been proven to be effective yet...So I ask - has ANYONE actually completed the entire schedule, and if so what results did you get? In short, could you run 50km without injury/complications after the 12 weeks?


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Well I didn't follow any specific program, but I did do VERY minimal long runs and various standard marathon training. My longest run hit 15.5. I focused on cross training and fast shorter runs.

I ran my first marathon last Oct in 4:01. I ran my first Ultra 50K on Feb 12th in 6:35. I just ran my second marathon on April 10th in 3:52.

While as I said I didn't complete the exact schedule listed, I KIND OF did and was able to complete the ultra with out ANY injuries. I had a great time! Now I'm eyeing more marathons and Ultras in the near future.

Good luck and keep us updated!

  • Yojax commented Apr 27th 2011:
    Cheers Monsoon. By Cross training do you mean specifically cross fit?
  • Monsoon commented May 23rd 2011:
    No I have only very recently started doing any specific weight lifting some of it related to CrossFit. I'm learning/growing more every day.

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I'm only on day 5 and am exhausted but feeling good! I've used Tabata style sprints for much shorter runs and have been very impressed with the results so I thought I have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving the 12 week program a bash.

Curious to hear other responses....

  • Yojax commented Apr 27th 2011:
    So how often per week are you actually do CV runs? And how often tabata?
  • enfenn commented May 4th 2011:
    In the past I haven't been very structured about training so now I'm actually just sticking to the program that's in the book. I have to adjust some weights exercises but in general it's the same. My week 2 10k felt great!


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I thought this was a great chapter in the book and it actually motivated me to go and find a local crossfit studio to try out their workout style >=D INTENSITY!

yeah, but that's the point right!

I, like Tim, hate running/jogging and feel like i'm dying when doing it so I too was really interested in how this chapter turns out.

My guess is that either his marathon/running progress was so off the wall phenomenol and blew his mind that his publishers are putting it into the soft cover and making him keep a lid on the results, or... he still hates running but maybe he completed a 5K :-D


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Hi, Im in the 2nd week of the 12 week program, all I know is that Im sore everyday, obviously its all about strengthening your suspension, I am still very sceptical of this program as I started running a year ago and have done many half marathons but had been struggling with very sore legs and didnt think id be able to handle a full marathon, so I thought why not give this a go, if anyone else is having a go at this program or has completed it Id love to know how your going or how you went.

Good luck


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Heh I don't know too much about endurance runs but if you have the mobility and time, high altitude training is pretty dope. Back when I was in a bit better shape (17ish yrs old), I went on a 3 week backpacking trip in the Colorado Rockies. I spent most of my time between high 12k ft and low to mid 14k ft. At the end of it, I came down to like 10k ft and ran a 9 mile with pretty rigorous elevation change in just over an hour, and I felt like Superman for a while back home at sea level :P Like I said, don't know much about the challenge (I may try it when I bring my body fat down a bit more). Just my 2c.


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I've followed my own variation of Tim's schedule for the past 5 weeks, as I have a good degree of knowledge of training methods. I'm running a 100km in June, I expect my longest run before that to be 2 hours. I'm pretty confident in the schedule.


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Here here, this interests me greatly. I see a lot of people who started this, but didn't finish...! I am planning to attempt this for a 50k in March. 12 weeks away, perfect timing!

  • Seitanist commented Dec 30th 2012:

    Anyone figure out what "1 min on 3 min x 5" means?

    Or why Tabata is written in different ways?

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