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two cheat days in a row...

So this past weekend I went to a game lodge in Limpopo, South Africa; it was incredible but not very conducive to sticking to a slow carb diet. So the diet kinda went out the window and although it did fall over cheat day, the cheat day became two days as opposed to one.

So today I have started over. Hoping the damage from the weekend isn’t too severe. Didn’t weigh myself this morning – I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I will weigh myself tomorrow morning instead. Not that it will make a massive difference but hey.

After having been on the diet for three weeks jumping back on the band wagon hasn’t been too difficult so far. And i am currently trying hard not to beat myself up too much about the extra cheat day.

has anyone else had a similar experience and how badly did the setback affect your results?


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As someone told me, "Life happens". Its good to know you gotta get back on track, but no sense in beating yourself up about it.

I've done 2-3 cheat days in a row, and only gained maybe 2lbs. I'm saying this with 15 weeks under my belt. Also, my bf has had to do a love of over-seas traveling, so even though he doesn't want to, he ends up with more cheat days than he prefers.

If ya gotta cheat and are worried, just add some damage control. GL!

  • Clayton_SouthAfrica commented Apr 19th 2011:
    thanks for the comment and advice. :D
  • AppleTreesRTall commented Apr 19th 2011:
    no problem! :D
  • Tracey Payton Miller commented Aug 2nd 2012:

    I've had the same experience. It didn't set me back too far, and I was able to get back with it and keep losing. No worries.

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Stay positive :)

Cheating on this diet slows progress, but as long you consider it cheating, then your commitment to the diet is still there!

Just get back on the diet, and don't even bother weighing yourself until your next scheduled measurement day. By then you will be back on track and burning that fat off again like no other!

I have seen a handful of posts on here of people taking multiple cheat days, long cheat weekends, and even one person took a full cheat week without significant negative repercussions.

  • Clayton_SouthAfrica commented Apr 19th 2011:
    couldn't resist weighing myself this morning. the damage wasn't too severe :P thanks for your response and encouragement :D


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Ok I have to make a post after seeing all these responses. The only way to know is to try and see what works for you.

I would NOT recommend doing 2 cheat days. I have talked to several people that have a harder time getting back on after 2 days, and they have had stalls or weight gains because of this.

Some of our members mention gaining barely any after these multiple cheat days, but I assure you it is not like that for everyone. After most cheat days (I'm talking about ONE cheat day a week), I'm up an average of 5lbs, and then work to barely under that by the end of the week. If I had 2 cheat days, I'm sure that I would be gaining rather than losing or stalling.

Again, you'll have to see what works for you, but I'll gladly be the warning about the negative effects it could have.


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My first month on the diet I did two cheat days a week. Most of them were consecutive. I still lost a ton that month. The 2nd month on the diet with only 1 cheat day I lost about the same amount for the month total.

2 weeks ago I took the whole week off and did a cheat week. No damage control. (surprisingly I didn't gain 1 lb back but my bf% went up.) At the beginning of yesterday after a full week back on the plan, I had my biggest total fat loss for a week yet and I'm at my lowest bf%

  • Clayton_SouthAfrica commented Apr 19th 2011:
    thanks for your response :D damage no too severe. only about a kg.
  • cvesper commented Aug 17th 2011:

    Woah woah, I would say that Justin's results are exceptional. I have heard from several 2-day cheaters that the setbacks from 2 cheat days can be much more severe. I would not suggest doing 2 cheat days at all.

  • justin commented Aug 17th 2011:

    i don't suggest it either. I don't suggest cheat days at all at this point. 'cheat meal' maybe - refeed yes. :) - that was just how i started

  • Maria Rider commented May 15th 2012:

    I think anything you'd gain on multi-cheat days would probably not be "mostly water" as consecutive cheat days/weeks in a row will probably have you gaining body fat+some water vs. mostly water. At least that's my theory... :) I've not tested it nor do I care to until I reach my goal...then perhaps I may do a cheat weekend once(say when there are like events on both days sometime in the future, not like every weekend) and then try to take both days "lighter" than I'd do a single cheat day which is usually filled with trying to get in cheat foods in before a certain time.

  • justin commented Apr 20th 2011:
    just because you can't eat slow carb doesn't mean you have to cheat all out. still pick the better choices. and don't worry. worry causes fat gain. :)


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Don't worry about it. The diet is powerfully effective. Think long term and take it easy. Most of the weight is just the water needed to digest the carbs anyway. I've had cheat weekends Fri-Mon and purposely done as much damage as I could. The weight always comes off and it stays off. Don't be scared of the scale its just one number. Its good to know how much your weight can fluctuate.


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I had a similar experience recently. But it was more like three cheat days in a row. I didn't follow any damage control protocols whatsoever, no exercise and no supplements. All in all I gained about 7lbs. But keep in mind that I was also eating rather unhealthy food. If you do have multiply cheat days, try to keep it as healthy as possible and if you follow basic damage control, it is unlikely you will see much of a difference.

Another discovery I made as a result of this is that, whatever weight I gain on multiple cheat days, it drops off very quickly. Much quicker than any initial weight loss I had on the slow carb diet. Basically I'm back to my pre-cheat day weight after just a week.


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I've been on this since Jan3 2011, so I've had a few different experiences. Regarding your situation, I've been in it both voluntarily and involuntarily. Most important thing is your mental game: you're committed to this experiment, and that makes you aware of what you're doing at any given moment... you're not lying to yourself about compliance, which is where a lot of programs (eating, medication, exercise, relationships, etc.) go off the rails.

So, the short answer is that it's okay. A miss step in the middle of the week, an extra cheat day, etc. will not destroy your overall progress. (week to week will of course vary, but there are also many other factors involved, like exercise, what and how much you eat--one beer vs a whole pizza are two different things). So just keep the mental game sharp.


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Ahh, Limpopo, the province where veggies are strictly garnish... I remember a couple of years ago having a very sweet meisie there pick carrots out of a potjie so that I would have some veggies to eat with the lettuce I managed to scrounge somewhere. There were 6 kinds of meat and 12 kinds of starch (I was vegetarian at the time, and refused to fill up with bread), so not much for me.

The trick I suppose is not to give up, whatever the damage, you can undo with consistency.

  • aahleyah commented May 16th 2012:

    Well I had a two week cheat ..... life took over and was emotional eating due to a family member ended up not well and not sure if they were going to make it, then 3 days later my best friend lost her husband who was very young and left his wife and six children behind.. and then two days after this an aunt was diagnoised with cancer.. and then 4 days later a funeral... yup eating the scd went right out the window.. only gained 3 lbs but body fat went up.. only back on the SCD for the last day.. will see what it brings and what happens .....

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