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I'm new to the 4HB and have a question for the older boomers in the group. What to do about arthritis that keeps my exercise activity relatively minimal right now? I also travel extensively (90% international) and keeping on the SCD has been hard, especially in countries where beans are not very common (i.e. UK).

Any supplements besides the oils I should be taking that might reverse spinal arthritis?

Any supplements I should avoid at first i.e. PAGG?



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Glucosamine chondroitin can be very good for arthritis. I dont know how PAGG would affect your arthritis. Movement of the joints will help to lubricate them, especially rotation. You could just aim to work slowly, start doing the movements with light or no weights and just keep building. I imagine especially beneficial for you would be to do the pre-hab chapter of exercises and maybe even work with a person trained in that technique.

  • Daves4hb commented Apr 17th 2011:
    Thanks Lentil, I take fish oil and gc regularly. I've started stretching now that I can move again. I read something the other day about muscle imbalances due to injury or improper workouts. =>
  • Daves4hb commented Apr 17th 2011:
    As soon as I get back to the states I intend to look up a practitioner for an evaluation. I'm also anxiously awaiting my blood work results for possibilities.

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