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Myopic crunch videos?

Does anyone out there have a video (Youtube, etc) of the proper technique? Or, would someone be willing to post one?

I know I'm not the only one who might be wondering if they're doing it right.


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THAT is the proper technique

Not sure about substituting Bosu ball with The bean though.

  • AtsAttack commented Jun 5th 2011:

    Anyone get one of these peanut balls? Looks to me like a great inexpensive alternative to the BOSU ball. I have 65 cm swiss ball and am using that. Tim says to use a small swiss ball 45-55 cm. Do you think going to a smaller swiss ball would make a big enough difference to get one over just using the 65cm?

  • alexey commented Jul 23rd 2011:

    just ordered one. let's see what it's gonna be like. goal: notable abs improvement in 3 weeks, at least a four pack :)

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EDIT: Thanks to EarlGrey, here is a link to a bit of a longer video, but this guy uses better form. Start watching around 2:10 to see his form for the crunch: LINK


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Just to touch on the vid: the guy isn't doing it quite right (if the book is to be believed). Your arms should always be at the same level as your ears at all times, not in front (as with this vid).

  • Paulius O commented Apr 22nd 2011:
    how do you call that thingy he lies on? is there anything I could substitute it with instead of buying?
  • foodz commented Apr 25th 2011:
    @EarlGrey It's a BOSU ball, but you can use a pile of sturdy cushions, according to the book.


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Also i think the descent is meant to be slower - a count of 4 going down, stretch out at the bottom for a count of 2 and a count of 2 to come back up....


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I've been using a swiss ball and used this video for the technique.



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The pause at the top is very important. I have been doing these for a few weeks and was wondering if I was doing them right as well, so I went back and read the instructions in 4HB again(I wasn't pausing at the top just doing them slowly).

I added in the pause in my workout yesterday and after 3 sets of 8 reps almost puked.

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