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"open" button on front page

Not so much a feature as an observation, but I don't think the "open" button works properly. When selected, my impression is it would bring up the questions that do not yet have answers to them. I find it doesn't really function well though... It seems that I still find a lot of unanswered questions just from the randomized button, and selecting the open button comes up with questions that already have answers.

Not sure if this is just me or if others are seeing the same.

Thanks for all the work you have put into this site so far, it has really been great!


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Thank you for bringing this one up.

Criteria for OPEN Q&A (renamed to the NEW) is that there is not yet a single answer that received "thanks". Simple way to push it off the open list is to send thanks to person that answered question in most useable way.

;3 "Thanks" or thumbs up are simple way to send some love and hugs to people contributing their knowledge, time and energy. It is also way to ensure that all questions are properly answered, before we retire it off home page.

Alternatively, thumbs down help us locate rude, spam and trolls, for which we have no tolerance.

In addition, these votes are used to reward and highlight most helpful members. When you use it, you are helping other by referring them to the most useful information and most knowledgeable members on the topic. The way we see it, every "thanks" is small contribution on its own, so please do use it abundantly.

This is where I should probably impress you with with story about fancy high tech algorithm that is making sense of it all - but reality is that we have 3 little monkeys in the back end, volunteering to count your votes and lifting answers up and down pages while you sleep.


P.S. We used to have "unanswered" tab (that would push questions of homepage as soon as first answer is submitted), but people often confused answer button for comment and lot of answers were not being answered.

Ideas on how to make this better, are always very welcome.

  • s joshua commented Apr 13th 2011:
    Thanks! That makes sense :)

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