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How important is the cold factor?

Does everyone partake in the cold aspect of this program?


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Hi -

I live in Queensland, Australia, and I am fortunate enough to have warmer mornings! I try to do a cold shower 3 times a week (planning on building up), and I find more than anything that I feel energised and BRILLIANT before going to work. It's a rush! I also went online and searched the theory behind cold showers and ice packs and so forth, and apparently it forces a lot of blood into your organs, stimulating them and helping to get rid of toxins (which is why drinking BUCKETS of H2O is so important). If anything, it makes you feel all tingly and zingy. As a start, begin with a warmer shower and start to reduce the hot tap. When it starts to get cold, I step out and splash the cold water on my arms and the back of my neck. Keep going like this to different parts of your body (avoiding the thighs though because apparently they're linked to the kidneys and it's best to not go there... don't know about that theory but I avoid it cos it hurts a bit). Splash and splash until you start to get used to it. Don't dunk your head under straight away, but wet your hair with your hands cupped to catch the water, and then slowly ease in. The top of your head is where a lot of heat is going to be, so if you shock it, it'll hurt. You should be able to get righ tonder now and enjoy it! Vocalise if you have to (my neighbours think I'm nuts), but let it energise you! It really is worth it. Gets the blood pumping, and cleans your organs. Hope this has helped. Enjoy!

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I just finished month 1. (I have a long way to go to reach my goal.) Without the ice packs, I lost 13% body fat. Granted I still have another 15-17% to lose. My pounds have been slow - so I am changing up my workouts to do less training and more cardio. Do I think it would have made a difference in pounds with ice packs. I don't think so. I gained 8 pounds of muscle, lost 5.5 on the scale and 15 inches in total.


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I can only speak for myself. I drink 64 oz of ice water upon waking. Most nights I put the ice pack across my back while reading, working or watching tv, for anywhere from 20-40 minutes. I do shiver from the ice pack, and I think that's the idea. These are the two easiest aspects of the "cold factor," so I figure, they're not going to hurt me, and they might help. I haven't personally tested whether or not they increase fat loss, since I have never taken a week or two off of doing them to chart the difference.

(I tried to do the cold shower and completely wussed out.) :no:

  • Carp commented Apr 10th 2011:
    LOL i wussed out too!


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As far as slow carb goes it is not necessary. I would start without it and add it after a few weeks and track. Or just do the water and ice neck as suggested in the other comment.

I started with just ice packs and the water in the morning for the first 2 months. Then I dropped the ice packs for a month. I then added ice baths for a month. Weight wise the loss was about the same each week; however with the ice baths my body fat% did decrease more than the other weeks.

Meaning I might have lost the same amount of weight each week but more of it was fat when I did the ice baths. Ice baths worked particularly well on cheat days for me as well - sometimes I would even lose weight the day after cheat day (not just 48 hours later). If you notice in the book Tim also did an ice bath on his cheat day example.

I saw no significant difference between the ice pack and no ice pack weeks, but there could be other factors.

  • GettingThere commented Aug 13th 2011:

    That's interesting that you lost weight after cheat day with the ice bath. I've been thinking of trying the ice bath on cheat day only to see if it could help counter the cheat day gain (I do cold showers daily). How much do you typically gain on cheat day and how much have you lost (the day after cheat day) from an ice bath?

  • justin commented Aug 13th 2011:

    In the beginning I gained as much as 8 lbs after cheat day. Now I only gain after cheat day if I have pizza. If you look at Tim's example there is another big thing to look at that is often missed---the weight training. However, I only do a full cheat day about once a month now. I keep it to a meal or a 'refeed' otherwise when I'm trying to lose fat. And I take 'cheat days' or 'cheat meals' based on my weight - not the day of the week.

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