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Gaining Muscle Mass vs. Getting Stronger

Hey everyone,

Can you help me? My understanding on gaining muscle mass is that it has two benefits: 1) increased fat burning as muscle will require more calories and 2) asthetics (you'll look better).

Alternatively, the 4HB chapter on becoming superhuman is about real strength gain and may not correlate to drastic mass increases.

I'm trying to understand whether I want to focus on Occam's Protocol to gain mass or focus on the Superhuman chapters to gain strength.

My goals are to be able to compete in events like triathlons, the Tough Mudder type events and other difficult physical activities. It would seem that if I can get past a desire to look better, that the path for me is to focus on some of the superhuman type workouts. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of having massive guns and a six pack!

Thoughts? Let me know if I'm offbase here.

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My goal is lean strength. If you want to do distance running, having less weight to carry around would be ideal. It is also nice at the gym to lift your bodyweight without looking like an ape.

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