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30 grams of protein ideas please

My normal breakfast is eggs. I just reread the section about 30 grams of protein within 30 min of waking. I want to try this but I really need some ideas for what makes 30 grams of protein besides eating a can of tuna!


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I have started eating canned tuna in the morning. One can has more than 20g of protein, add one or two eggs and you've got 30g easy.

I generally chuck it all in a pan with some mushrooms, cayene pepper and italian herbs and put it in the oven till it's done.

all in all takes about 10 minutes ot prepare and cook. and it's actually yummo


  • angrymacdaddy commented Jun 21st 2011:

    Huge fan of the tuna right here, I find it to be one of the densest cheap reliable protein sources and you don't even have to cook it!

  • cvesper commented Jun 22nd 2011:

    After reading this, I checked out the tuna section of my grocery store, and couldn't find a can with more than 13g of protein. What cans are you eating??

  • Clayton_SouthAfrica commented Jul 12th 2011:

    Sorry about my delayed response cvesper, we're using no name brand tuna from our local grocery store. 100g of drained tinned tuna has about 24g of protein.

  • csnewdayyesterday commented Aug 31st 2012:

    That is 13g per serving for canned tuna. 2 servings per can

  • A W commented Sep 1st 2012:

    So far, Aldi has the cheapest tuna that I've found. Only 69 cents a can, and it's better quality than Starkist and Bumblebee in my opinion. I looked kind of ridiculous buying thirty cans of tuna the other day, but it really is the easiest thing to do in the morning.

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a few tablespoons of spirulina shaken in water, maybe with a twist of lime or lemon -- easiest form of protein to digest, most bioavailable, highly mineralizing and alkalizing, wonderful stuff that lets you start your day full of light rather than with a heavy acidic chunk of meat in your belly. works great for me.

  • Beorn86 commented Jun 21st 2011:

    I was wondering about spirulina, is it SCD friendly yes?

  • Ray Harris commented Oct 18th 2012:

    yes is it?? I would love to have spirulina, otherwise as a vegan its all soy soy soy.can it be used as protein source?


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I've been mixing it up... either egg scramble or grain, oat, and gluten free pancakes: Mix pea protein, coconut flour, brazil nut powder, and eggs... add cacao (unsweetended raw chocolate) or almond butter. Tastes amazing and you can make a large batch ahead of time and eat them over the week.

I have video and recipes's here:


  • JasonSani commented Jun 22nd 2011:

    Or... get your greens in and mix spirulina, chlorella, and plant based protein with water and ice. That will super charge you!! Maybe even a couple of brazil nuts in there!


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I'm a pescatarian (fish and seafood only). And, I don't eat soy products (I know they aren't recommended) as I had thyroid cancer. I just started the SCD, but was experimenting with meals before my official start yesterday.

    An omelette with black beans, salsa, avocado, and spinach is great!

    An omelette with smoked salmon and veggies is outta this world. Add a small side of lentils or beans to get your legumes.

    Or, a frittata with smoked salmon and veggies can be cooked up ahead and eaten over a couple of days. Again, add a small side of lentils or beans.

    I also second the wild salmon patties from Costco that pdxholly recommended. I eat those a lot and they're so good!

The protein content of each of these will vary depending on the quantity of eggs, salmon, or beans that you use. But, you can easily get to 30 grams.

  • Bob Reed commented Apr 21st 2013:

    Sorry, thought that was a thumbs up. Ignore the vote. Great answer for a fellow pescatarian.


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i like two cans of sardines in olive oil mashed together w/cauliflower....26G's and tasty


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I really, reeeaaally dig the fried eggs with bacon, some turkey perhaps ( a bit of pintos if I'm in the mood or know I've got a busy morning ahead of me).

I recently found Applegate sliced organic turkey that has simply Turkey and Cargeenan (sp?) in it, no dextrose or anything else, that packs a whopping 12g of protein in just 2 oz.

I was afraid I'd be hungry well before lunch, but having 2 jumbo fried eggs, 1 1/2 slices of organic uncured bacon and 2 slices of turkey more than hit the 30 in 30 for me, held me- comfortably satisfied- for HOURS, and I felt awesome.

OH- and about 3 liters of lemon-spruced water.

Eggs really are the best way to get your protein in the a.m. Switch it up when and where you can (dinner for b'kfast, etc), but don't forget one of the tenets of this particular regimen:



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i really like steak for breakfast. a 100g fillet steak has 30g of protein. i don't find it that big a serving. it cooks really quickly too making it easy to get done in the morning. you could cook it the night before and bang it in the microwave but i don't like this as much. i serve it with canned refried beans and sometimes with a bit of guacamole or canned green beans as well.


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3 eggs, 2 large slices of lean ham, 1/2 red onion sliced. Throw into a pan and scramble. Takes about 5 mins and is yummy. Use a little ghee instead of oil and enter breakfast heaven :)


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In the morning I have 2-3 eggs, 2 slices of turkey bacon (delicious, low fat) and lentils as well as mixed veg in an omlette. Yum yum!


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I have started browning turkey sausage on Sundays and throwing that into my eggs in the morning. It's quick and easy and definitely ups the protein intake!

  • Scotty2Hotty commented Jul 7th 2011:

    This really works great! It's cheap (a 1lb tube of turkey sausage is like $2.50) and easy. I usually cook my sausage with some peppers and just throw it in the fridge when I'm done. I throw a couple of spoonfuls into my eggs (one whole and about 6oz of egg whites) and microwave for a minute and a half. Quick, easy, and delicious!


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Cottage cheese! A few spoonfuls out of the tub and you are good to go.

Also, Greek Yogurt is very protein dense, and can be sweetened with a little honey.

  • sonu2001 commented Jan 22nd 2012:

    is Greek Yogurt SCD approved? because you are not allowed to consume any dairy products such as Milk, Yogurt...

  • arctichacker commented Jan 22nd 2012:

    Greek yogurt is. not SCD approved. However, youi can have all you want on your Cheat day. I look forward to it every Cheat Day.


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Cook some chicken breasts and cut them in small pieces during the weekend and keep them in the fridge, every morning just grab some and add some eggs in a pan and you re done. I do it also with mushroms or salsa when I dont want eggs.


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black beans, approximately 8 grams of protien per 1/2 cup.


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I usually have protein shakes, but I'm thinking of ditching them as it's hard to get them where I live without sweetener. I'm considering making some chicken burgers from mince chicken. I also have a tray of natto for breakfast too. There's lots of options. The traditional Japanese breakfast includes fish, so you could have that too!

  • MGiron commented Jun 22nd 2011:

    you can buy the stevia extract from vitamin shoppe....its a substitution for sugar

  • JasonSani commented Jun 22nd 2011:

    Try nutrasumma pea protein... flavored with natural vanilla stevia. Tastes great, no bloating.

    www.nutrasumma.com Coupon code: Sani 15% off


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My girlfriend was having a problem getting the protein in in the morning. She was doing protein shakes but they aren't so filling. I came up with a recipe that uses the Eggs, Lentils, Spinach idea that Tim focuses on for breakfast in the book. You can check it out here: http://ericisaac.com/food/?p=3340


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Add a small breakfast steak or ham to get the protein count above 30 grams. Also, add a half cup of beans. Beans have never been a part of our family's cuisine. At this point (8 Months in) I'm buying pinto bean sides at mexican restaurants to go.

Eventually I will have to learn to cook beans myself.


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I have 2 eggs, 1/3 can of refrried black bean, and a handful of chicken (roast chickens they sell at grocery store). Add a handful of spinach, good to go.


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I found some wonderful slow carb compliant wild salmon patties at costco that are quick to cook and loaded w/protein. I like to send my kids out the door w/ a lot of protein too so I make them grass fed burgers most mornings-burgers are quick to cook too. Other than that, protein shakes are my go to quick fix.


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Go to Wal-mart and get chunky salsa, eggs, and a rotisserie chicken. Microwave the eggs for 3 1/2 minutes. Then snack on some chicken. When the eggs are done, put salsa on them and boom. Oh, they have a salsa with beans in it too.


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I have some flavorless protien powder you can cook with. 2 scoops is about 25g of protien. 1 egg and 2 scoops of protien will make a pancake like thingy. If I want sweet I will add cinnamon and a small pat of butter. If I want savory I will add some dried italian ham, which has tons of protien also. Recently I have been making Japanese pizza. Shredded cabbage/egg/protien powder,baking powder. Deliscious, also very very good for ahem, movements....

  • Aysegul Jones commented Apr 16th 2013:

    I never thought to make a pancake with my protein powder. Awesome idea..I may even add some vanilla extract in it. You are geneous and make my day. Thank you))).


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I use deli meat or chicken sausage to get my protein grams up and supplement the 2 eggs, lentils, and spinach I eat. Amylu chicken sausage is about 13 grams of protein and 100 calories for 1 link. Deli meat like ham or turkey work too. I mix it up so I don't get bored. I used to use 2 oz of pulled pork, but I stopped because I think the 11 grams of fat is a bit high for the 2 oz.


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30 grams of protein: 4 oz. Hamburger patty: size of your hand thickness of your hand before cooking:4 oz. chicken after baking/grilling: 4 oz. fish; or look at combinations of food: 1" X1" cube of cheese and 2 eggs. Each cup of milk is about 8 grams protein. What about 2 slices of bread (6 grams protein) add peanut butter (1 Tablespoon); Add cheese (1/4 cup) add 1 cup milk (8 grams)= 28 grams protein. Check out diabetic lists of food exchanges for Protein.

  • Eric I commented Apr 25th 2013:

    no dairy and no bread on the scd. read the book...


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2 slides of rich wheat bread (5 grams of protein each) = 10

10 oz of skim milk(1 gram of protein per oz) = 10

and peanut butter 7 grams per 2 scoops

or you can eat some fried eggs if you are alergic to peanut or you just dont like 6 grams of protein each

  • sixside commented Jun 22nd 2011:

    I'm pretty sure the SCD says not to consume bread products or dairy (except for on cheat day)

  • Maria Rider commented Jul 7th 2011:

    Um yes, sixside is right, no bread OR milk. :)

  • hyperzx commented Sep 3rd 2012:

    this is breaking ALL the rules...

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