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Announcing our new Fatburn Tracker (courtesy of Mags)

Based on Mags great feedback, we created a tool called the Fatburn Tracker that will allow you to track your weight and body fat every day, as well as set a target goal and monitor your progress toward your goal via a progress meter. Once we have enough people using it, we'll be able to display the total pounds of fat lost for the entire community in what Mags dubbed the giant 'Loss-O-Meter'. Here's what it looks like:


Right now the tracker requires a caliper and that you measure yourself using the Jackson/Pollock 4 point algorithm (Thigh, Abs, Tricep, Suprailiac). There's detailed instructions on how to measure yourself here:


We chose the caliper method because it's the easiest way to measure your body fat % w/o a DEXA/BodPod and is relatively accurate (within 3%). Rather than just track your weight alone, which can be deceptive, this tool calculates your actual body fat % automatically for you. This method is much more indicative of your progress than relying on the scale alone. If you haven't been tracking yourself using a caliper yet, I highly recommend it, regardless of your size. The SlimGuide caliper is professional-grade and is perfectly capable of measuring up to 45% body fat.

To start entering data into your tracker, log in and click the 'Fatburn Tracker' from your dropdown menu:

You can also check out my tracker to see what it looks like with actual data populated (for friends and members only):


And a thousand thanks to Mags for providing the inspiration to create this tool! :-3

More goodies on the way!

As always (and as you can see) your feedback is very welcome. Please respond with ideas :s, constructive critics :( or praises :). We would love to hear from you. This little community and its site is our labor of love, but what made it special is YOU. Thank you.

  • DamonD commented Apr 2nd 2011:
    It shows me as a "Male, 2011 Years Old" - although I have my birthday information set correctly in profile.
  • LauraCox commented Apr 2nd 2011:
    It seems to have the correct age now, but I'll look into it!


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YES! the dream has come true hahaha

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So I landed a pair of calipers, and entered some values for myself today - but I think my age formula is incorrect, and throwing the graph off... It shows I am 2011 years old, even though I have updated my birthday info (1983) in my profile information.

Any ideas?

  • LauraCox commented Apr 21st 2011:
    Ok, it should be fixed now. You're at 8.4% - nice job! http://4hourpeople.com/fatburn/2156


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I love it!!!! … but … It won’t let me change my age? it says I am 2011 years old and have a body fat % of 312 haha … Help!

  • CaptAD commented May 19th 2011:
    Hadn't set age. Corrected in profile, but error still showing in the app. Thoughts?
  • CaptAD commented May 19th 2011:
    I logged out & back in (fixed age), then re-updated the measurement, which fix BF %. All set now.
  • 4HourBod commented May 19th 2011:
    Ok will look into it!
  • 4HourBod commented May 19th 2011:
    Did you guys set age her: http://4hourpeople.com/edit.account/
  • thepetitegeek commented May 3rd 2011:
    Yes, my age is incorrect too!
  • Paneraiman commented May 4th 2011:
    Age and BF are showing incorrectly - a bug in there somewhere.
  • randywintle commented May 9th 2011:
    Same, I really would hope I am not 300% body fat :)


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What about adding a lean mass output for those wanting to track muscle growth for G2F, etc.?


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Here is mine, Just finished entering from my paper notes.


  • shane commented Mar 31st 2011:
    Nice steady decrease especially on your abs!


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Age is fine here but it says I'm male (I'm not) :-D. My profile is up to date and all (still shows I'm female). I'll be buying calipers today so should get on it next week (postage pending...). Talk about an awesome incentive!

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