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Tips/workout for the Last Mile?

Does anyone have any tips for me. I'm starting the last mile today. I'm a female, and have hit the final plateau while slow carbing. Have about 5 more pounds to loose. I haven't been workout out on slow carb and want to start again on the last mile. Could anyone draw me out a workout schedule with exercises? I really don't know how much I should be running or lifting and how often. Thanks!


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Hey Mags,

I just started the Last Mile again on Sunday, attempt #2. The last time I tried the Last Mile I felt like a zombie, so I quit after 5 days even though I managed to lose 1% body fat in that short period. After reading more about the cyclical ketogenic diet (CKG), I learned that some people experience something called 'brain fog' in the early stages, but it eventually goes away and you end up having more energy compared to a high carb diet. So I decided to give it another shot.

As for my workouts, I plan on working out every other day with 20 minutes of high intensity cardio followed by 20 minutes of resistance training, alternating between upper body and lower body. For example, yesterday I ran 20 mins @ 7mph on the treadmill then did chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, abs. Then I finished it off with my usual bonus round of 70 kettlebell swings (2 sets of 35) with a 20kg kettlebell. As for supplements, it's pretty wicked stuff, but I take No-Xplode before every weight training session, and I have craaaazy strength & energy from it (don't take it before cardio). I also bring a protein shake and drink it right away after working out.

Diet-wise, I made some changes this time around that I highly advise. Make sure you eat extra vegetables to counteract the acid toxins created by the high doses of protein (I also take an alkalizing liquid ionic supplement with potassium/calcium/magnesium for this). Your body will be able process/absorb the protein more effectively, plus you absolutely need the extra fiber to prevent constipation (or you'll need to take a fiber supplement or drink tons of water). To further aid digestion/toxin removal, I try to maintain a healthy gut bacteria, so I take a prebiotics (inulin) and a probiotic supplement and avoid sucralose (except for No-Xplode of course). I find that these little diet changes are doing wonders for my energy levels this second time around.

And finally, make sure you have a carb load or cheat day every week or whenever your metabolism starts slowing down. You can check your metabolism by taking your temperature w/a thermometer (around noon before you eat lunch). If it's way below 98.6 ( 97-97.5) you probably need to refeed. Try to compose your cheat meals of 60%carbs+40%protein or 50%fat+50%protein, but don't mix fat+carbs as much as you can. Good luck!

I just remembered one last thing: Be really strict about carbs the first 2 days after your cheat day to get into ketosis faster. Having done Atkins before, you need to keep your carbs under 20g day to start burning fat for fuel, so count them if you have to. And don't eat too many nuts or shakes w/cocoa, etc. You can use this tool to help estimate your net carb intake. Also, from my experience, while your body is in ketosis, it can burn your muscle too, especially when there's no food in your stomach, so I take BCAAs or Glutamine powder a couple times per day to help thwart catabolism.

  • Mags commented Mar 30th 2011:
    this was extremely helpful thank you so much! I havent had a cheat day in a week and a half. just checked my temp and its 97 yikes! I will definitely cheat more often.
  • Mags commented Mar 30th 2011:
    oh also, in the book tim says you need to eat 1/4 cup of nuts with fish/chicken/turkey. I am confused because that seems like an awful lot of nuts throughout the day. you could eat an entire cup of nuts with what he suggests. what do you typically eat?
  • amandac12 commented Apr 6th 2011:
    Another question, this is the first I have heard about keeping carbs under 20g per day for the first 2 days after cheat day to start burning fat. Maybe I am eating too many beans? I feel like I have been eating a lot, but I need it to keep full. Do I
  • Mags commented Mar 31st 2011:
  • amandac12 commented Apr 6th 2011:
    This really great info. I haven't been seeing much results so I am going to try a few of these suggestions before I give up. As far as the nuts with the fish/chicken/turkey, what is the reasoning for that?
  • Mags commented Apr 5th 2011:
    thanks again! I cut my nut intake in half and am seeing results!
  • LauraCox commented Apr 13th 2011:
    @amandac12 The nuts are for fat, which becomes your supply of energy to the body/brain in the absence of carbs. The meat component is for building your muscles. The 20g of carbs is only for those following the Last Mile diet (no beans), not slow carb.
  • LauraCox commented Mar 31st 2011:
    And don't forget to count the carbs in your vitamins, yep, some have dextrose, including the green tea extract in PAGG!
  • LauraCox commented Mar 31st 2011:
    Also, I just found this post by nat52771 that confirms that excess almond butter & protein powder w/carbs was causing ketosis stalls: http://4hourpeople.com/answer/4037/the-last-mile-getting-further-away-ketosis-expert-anyone-answer-by-nat52771
  • LauraCox commented Mar 31st 2011:
    Maybe an error in the book since 1/4 cup of nuts is TWICE the amount in 1TB of peanut/almond butter, same with a 1/2c vs 2TB. So for you (105lbs, ya?) the correct proportion would be 1/8c nuts OR 1TB nut butter, which is only about 1.5 net carbs.
  • shane commented Mar 30th 2011:
    Damn Laura, I had forgotten how thorough your posts can be. That was like a punch to the brain. I'll need to sleep on this and read it again in the morning to understand everything you said.. thanks so much!
  • Cathieely Enter last name commented Mar 11th 2012:

    well i am 168 so can i have the 1/2 cup nuts and how many times do i eat 6 times or less?

  • Cathieely Enter last name commented Mar 11th 2012:

    i have 6 more pounds till im at goal weight im 5"11 i have been down alot lower then that 5 yrs ago but was told i look way to skinny.

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Here's Laura Cox's answer for a different question, but it has a lot of good advice:



Basically, she did Geek 2 Freak, and you lift weights as heavy as you can (pushing your limits), and every day alternate which parts you work out, as well as do 20-30 minutes of cardio a day. Adding the muscle mass will help you burn that last bit of fat more efficiently... ninja style.


  • Mags commented Mar 29th 2011:
    thanks, I'll give the exercises a shot. I'm excited to hit the gym again! i used to be addicted to my gym, but got few results. Now with a fool proof diet, I think it will be better.
  • amandac12 commented Apr 6th 2011:
    cardio every day? I thought we were only supposed to do a little cardio, and only if you choose to??
  • shane commented Mar 30th 2011:

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