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Before and After. About 45 Days Slow Carb Diet.


New Post: Double Cheat Day - 10 lb gain

*** UPDATE **** April 11, 2011

Slow Carb Diet - Daily Diet


Cheat Day Diet



*** UPDATE **** April 7, 2011

Just came back this morning from my first official Bod Pod session. I have been dearly misinformed with my body from my own lame composite scale from weight watchers at home. Stats:: 167.28 lb & 12.5% body fat.

Started in January 2011 with a few weeks of experimenting with the Slow Carb Diet. Figuring out a routine, what foods to buy at the grocery and what to avoid to eat. Took me some time to realize some bad habits. Then started seriously in February. Met my goal mid March, which was to be 170 lbs. My new goal is to get as close as possible to 15% body fat before going Geek to Freak or Occams Protocol.



The Chart dates back to 2009 but thats just becuase i wanted to show how long i have been drifting in the 190's range, (Lucha Libre Body Type). The spikes in the chart are my cheat days. The last cheat was probably the most glorious. I started the day weighing 170.4 then the next morning I was 176.8, amazing. The next day back on the diet I was 172.6. Then 171.4 the next then 170 the next. Back in track.


Here is a chart of the latest data that i get from my composite scale. I know its not accurate but i have been trying to find a DEXA scan place near NYC or even BodPod.

Comment Answer for: Justin

I dont have any side photos but i assume i will soon now that you ask. I'll post them up soon. Today im at my lowest ever 168lbs.

So workout. Well i have always worked out 2 to 3 times a week for like the last several years. But never much physical change occurred from it. That is until i changed my diet due to SCD. So maybe my abs were always hiding under my body fat. I do the 6-minute ab workout like in the book very often at first almost every day until I continued reading the book and realizing that i need a rest period to allow my muscles to grow so now i just do the exercise about 2 to 3 times a week. I also Lift weights twice a week and do martial arts on Saturday for about 3 1/2 hours (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai).

Hope that helps.

  • CHBody commented Mar 24th 2011:
    Great to see - kudos! Any insights on the parts of your regime you think have been particularly effective?
  • justin commented Apr 8th 2011:
    Shane wanted your side photos. But cool update. What's your height? I'm 6'1 and 168 lbs
  • salvame commented Apr 11th 2011:
    I thought my height was at 72" but it turns out after getting checked at the Bod Pod facility the technician informed me that i was at 70", D'oh.
  • s joshua commented Apr 12th 2011:
    Incredible results, awesome progress and documentation man! You have motivated me to start one of these threads now.
  • desdakine commented Apr 14th 2011:
    Way to document, really inspiring. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work and results!

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Wow! That's killer. I think I'm going to run out and buy 4HB right now!


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First of all WOW - great job!! Whoohoo!!! Yippeah!! You look fantastic!!

And I am looking at your eating spreadsheet (thank you MUCHO) and adjusting the times to my schedule. I was wondering what time you eat lunch? The time isn't listed. Thank you so much and again CONGRATS on your amazing progress!!

  • salvame commented May 10th 2011:
    The time i eat lunch varies... its usually 4 to 5 hours after breakfast. But. Its usually when i feel hungry.


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Awesome results. I was looking at your daily diet and I noticed the 90 second workouts. What is your 90 second workout?

  • salvame commented Apr 21st 2011:
    Oh yeah. Same one from the book that Tim describes in Damage Control. 50 Squats & either 30 wall pushups or 25-30 real pushups if a clean floor is available.


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Hey man, Congrats. Great stuff. I'm also in NYC changing the way I train and eat. Where did you end up getting your bodpod test at? I had to go to freakin jersey for the spectracel test. Thanks ahead of time for the info!

  • salvame commented Apr 19th 2011:
    Brooklyn Brooklyn College (718) 951-4125 bcexetest@brooklyn.cuny.edu Technicians Name: Paul $75
  • salvame commented Apr 19th 2011:
    Yeah i want one of those spectracel test. Can you give me info details on that. Thanks


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Wow, congrats and thanks for sharing all that you did, along with photos!

  • salvame commented Apr 18th 2011:
    Yeah, no doubt. I have other updates as well. About Double Cheat Days.


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Awsome work Boss !!

Keep it up !!

Hey just a quick question , might seem strange but , whats your mental attitude toward yourself now ?? Like do you sometimes not really take on board what you've done ?

You've done amazing , do you feel amazing ?! D=

Ty -


  • salvame commented Apr 1st 2011:
    Yes, I have to say i feel amazing. Now I have to mentally prepare to be off the diet then back on then off to G2F.


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Are you using the PAGG supplements?

  • salvame commented Mar 30th 2011:
    I did but stopped. I was taking PAGG from Mid-January to February 28th. I stopped taking PAGG to see what response my body has to them via blood tests. Im currently waiting a month for my next blood test to see and variances in my stats.
  • salvame commented Mar 30th 2011:
    Overall, you dont need them to lose weight, but im not sure if they did help kick start my metabolism.


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Damn dude, awesome progress. I'm at about 12% bodyfat, and I'm STILL struggling to get a clearly visible 6pack. Do you have any side photos? Also do you do any cardio in addition to your workouts?

  • daisyrains commented Mar 30th 2011:
    Wow, excellent! Congrats!! Super star! :)
  • salvame commented Mar 24th 2011:
    I added my comment....above on my post.
  • salvame commented Mar 24th 2011:
    Its uploaded now.


Just a quick question...why do you do the 90 second workout about 6 times everyday?

  • Rano_pano commented May 9th 2011:
    I'm guessing these are the GLUT-4 workouts mentioned in "damage control"
  • salvame commented May 10th 2011:
    yeah, exactly. I just do them to do them. If im in a bathroom and i have time....I do. but i feel that short workout are the single most beneficial aspect of the diet.


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YO man first off CONGRATS!! Really good progress.

When you worked out at the gym, did you work out like the book says? or did you just follow a regular routine?

Please share your routine at the gym if possible.


  • RickyR commented Apr 4th 2012:

    Hey, congrats on the progress! I noticed on the non-cheat day eating schedule that you had protein shakes on your workout days. What kind of protein did you use, and were doing that when you started the SCD or did you incorporate that into the diet later on?



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It already looks like you are 15% body fat or lower. Did you do any exercises on slow carb?

  • salvame commented Mar 24th 2011:
    just added a graph chart of my progress. Yeah i worked out. I have always worked out at least 2 or 3 times a week, but never really got an results as far a change in body composition. Not until i started on the SCD.
  • justin commented Mar 24th 2011:
  • salvame commented Apr 11th 2011:
    you were so right. I was at 12.5% body fat. Shame on me.


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Do you only practice muay thai and bjj on your cheat day? Because when i did muay thai or bjj on Slow Carb, i was lacking of energy. Any tips for manage it? Awesome result btw

  • salvame commented May 16th 2013:

    great question. I would work out at least 2 times a week. But mostly was on my cheat day. But you are right i did lack energy cause with the Low Carb diet you dont get the carbs you need to generate energy and fuel your body needs. So eventually I couldn't deal with it anymore and I started drinking workout drinks like gatorade style drinks. But one specific for pre-workout to give you energy and then another for during workout to give you more fuel. The only thing i could do to deal with the lack of energy. It helped but it was never the same.

    I would say try the drinks, if you dont like it then just deal with it. Anyway your low carb diet should only be like 30-60 days anyway.

    good luck.


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amazing! Your post is very inspirational and a great read. Thanks for all the updates and detailed info!

  • salvame commented May 16th 2013:

    no doubt.

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