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Does anyone feel more tired after starting this diet?

I know most people say they feel like they have MORE energy, but I'm feeling significantly more tired. Just wondering if I'm detoxing sugar or something? Anyone have any ideas?


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PDXHolly has good questions. How long have you been on? Are you going super protein for breakfast? Are you a coffee drinker?

The things that helped me the most in the beginning were these:

1. Espresso with breakfast

2. 1 liter of water before 10am.

3. Air squats or wall pushups 1 hr after breaky

4. Timely meals - for me it's every 4 hours

4b. More air squats or wallups about an hr after meals. This isn't a workout - you shouldn't get sweaty but you -should- feel a bit of muscle fatigue.

5. MOOAAR WATARRR (at least another liter before 1pm)

6. AGG plus vitamins on time

7. Have you finished your 3rd liter of water yet? It's almost 6pm!

8. Good proteiny dinner with lots of beans or lentils and brocoloccahhh. (what we call broccoli).

9. Desert! Yes! My favorite SCD desert

A tall glass of ice water.

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How long have you been on it? I did go through what I think was probably withdraw from sugar & carbs. I felt light headed and less energetic in the beginning during late afternoons. I got through it with various allowable slow carb snacks such as peanut butter/celery, guacamole/carrots, leftovers, hard boiled eggs, almonds, etc. It finally went away, I don't think it took more than a week or two, I can't remember (I'm on week 10 now). I don't think I drank enough water. I remember taking Motrin for at least a week. Hang in there, try some of these ideas and drink enough water. It didn't take long for me to start feeling energetic and great...the best in years (at least 18)! Good luck!


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It could definitely be a "detox" of sorts. Dieters using the Atkins plan have similar symptoms. Google "Atkins Flu" and you'll find some more info. It isn't uncommon in people starting low-carb diets.

It shouldn't last more than a week or two though, drink LOTS of water. Make that a priority. And stick through it! It's only temporary and will go away soon!


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The book says if you're tired or hungry you need to make sure you're doing the breakfast correctly (30 grams of protein 30 minutes after waking without fail) and that you are drinking water water water all the time. Also if you limiting portions, don't. As long as you are following the rules, eat until you are full each and every time. And DON'T SKIP THE LEGUMES!


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I was tired for a couple of days while my body adjusted. You need to make sure your eating is on schedule. Its a science. You don't want to dip too low.


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The first week is really tough. And the first week after a 3 or 4 cheat days in a row on vacation is even worse. (Guess how I learned that one!) Good luck - it does get better.


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Hi Chrissy

Yes i definately felt very tired the first week in. The body usually takes some time to get used to it. But once i added a protein shake when i woke up in the morning I had alot more energy.

Also important that you eat enough leghumes.

Coffee is also definately an energy booster

Even try abit of excersise when you wake up to get the blood flowing and your resting metabolic rate up, this will also contribute to fat loss.

Hope this helps


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