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Over caffeinated

I feel like I need to down multiple cups of tea to keep my energy up everyday and my sleep is suffering. How can I keep my energy up without caffeine? I feel like I'm eating enough at every meal.

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What are you eating during the day?

One of the very first things I noticed was that eating clean like this gave me much more energy than before. Coffee and tea never gave me energy, so I wonder if you just have a dependence you are getting over.

Maybe we can take a look at your diet to see if there's any red flag in it.


  • businesspoo91 commented Mar 15th 2011:
    I usually have my tea after my nap so that the effects wear off before my next nap if that helps. However if you want no caffeine in your system try using ginseng or eating guarana to help cognitive functions which will stress you out less in the long ru
  • Stpu2011 commented Mar 15th 2011:
    Thanks! I switched to green tea this week and have survived wonderfully on one cup and cold shower shot helping. Before 4hr I drank caffeine couple time per month, post 4hr every day.

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