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Breakfast time, protein intake, PAGG...

I’m new in the SCD, and I am loving it, aside the chocolate crawings (which I am fighting fearlessly for now).
It’s been a week now and I havent recorded any progres in losing waigh or inches, accept in my waist, but I can say it for sure, an inch I have lost is just my pregnancy stomach going back thankst to some exercises for abs, no fat was lost.
Reading your posts and questions I could say I have a few problems that could have coused this, so u correct me if I am not right.
1st, does 1hr after waking count from the moment I open my eyes? If yes, I have a problem, ad I have a todler who likes to cuddle in bed some time, and in most cases I eat a bit after this one hour “prescribed”.
2nd, I am starting to think I intake less protein for breakfast than I should. Usually I eat 2 hard boiled eggs with 2-4 stripes of bacon+a cup of beans or mexican tuna which I make with half cup beans, half can of tuna, olive oil, small tomato and half a cucumber.
3rd I do not take PAGG, because I am a new mom and I breastfeed my baby, and PAGG is not recomended while breastfeeding.
4th I rearly exercise, but I try to do Air squats, Wall press and Chest Pulls once a day each 80s set. For 80s I can do aprox 30reps of every exersice. Some day I do not do this (5/7 this week).
5th often I lack veggies in my meals, mostly I eat mushrooms, meat/fish and beans. Veggies I take as sallad (iceberg or Greek sallad (contains cheese and tomatoes)).
And the last thing is that I did not have a real cheat day this week, I have eaten normally till 7pm, when I had a piece of cake, some paestry, fruit juice and vine in the end of the evening.
I dring a lot of water (arround 2l a day), I eat same thing for lunch and dinner, as it is easyer this way. I’ve eaten black beans all week long. I eat refried beans often…

Any advice/suggestions on how to improve my diet and start losing weight?

  • Sibilly commented May 23rd 2016:

    I drink coffee once a day, plain, with a splash of cinnamon and some black tea, also no sugar/milk added.

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