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Odd sleep habits affecting 30-in-30

I looked through the forums for an answer to this, closest i got was that within 30 minutes of WAKING up (not GETTING up), 30 grams of protein.

My problem is that i literally wake up every two, two and a half hours every night. always refreshed, im never over-tired, always have dreams, etc etc, so i know every segment of sleep is healthy sleep.

the problem is, when exactly should i be doing the 30 grams? the final time i wake up? That seems to make the most sense, but Im wondering if i should just forced myself awake at 230am to have the 30 grams, then go back and sleep if im able (my work schedule changes randomly, sometimes i have to open the store instead of closing it, and 230am is the earliest i would ever have to wake up).

right now, im basically just eating 30 grams when i wake up the final time. I can always tell when im able to go back to sleep or not, so when i know i cant, thats when i eat.

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