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Do not order purple rhino

I have tried the purple rhino started taking them the night I received them. Nothing was different so I figured they would have to get them in my system. I continued to take them with no effects good or bad. My free trial period was 15 days. I ordered them on the 24th of March and received them on the 1st of April. I called the company at number provided on the 15th to cancel my subscription. They refused to give me the 95.00 less shipping and handling. The reason for this was my trial period was up. It had only been 14 days since I received them. He stated it started from date of purchase not date recived. How is that a fair trial period? The purpose of a trial period is to try the product. It’s not fair trial period if you don’t recieve the product for 7-8 days that’s half of free trial right there. It was not stated in terms an conditions of this. I know this product does not work and the slimy way there representive just kept stated it was a legal debt on my financial account leads me to believe they hide behind terms and wording to sale a fraudulent product preying of desperate men and swindling their money. They do not stand behind their 100% satisfaction guarantee. Or there product..do not get swindiled by this company

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