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HI i am 36 years old a 5´10 and when i started i had 393,5lbs. i started on the 1st of July. In the first 6 month i lost 72.7lbs. but since than (9 wekks have past) i´ve just lost 8.5lbs. so i tried some different things but nothing worked. For example i cut out the meat this week ( even if i knew it cant be because of the meat) and i lost nothing. i still had enough protein this week.
i will write down what i eat even if i dont expect that something is wrong. So thats what i eat day in day out all 6 days of the week.

Kidney beans are the only legumes i eat because my system can´t handle lentils :). So for brekfast i eat a can of kidneybeans some vegetables like leek,paprika and zucchini. My protein is liquid egg white or chicken breast filet( the only meat i eat is chicken and turkey filet). like the book says 30g protein for brekfast.
i cook it all in a electric pan.
Thats what i eat all day( 4-6 times a day)
so i am wondering why i am not losing more weight i mean i am still super fat(5´10 and 313lbs).
btw because of a very bad knee injury i am not capable of doing any sports not even swiming and bicycling. Before that i was a sports junkie.
Does anyone maybe even with the same weight has made the same experience and have some advise. I am really having no clue and it is so bad not be rewarded scale/cheat days.

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Are you drinking enough water?

Are you SURE youre getting enough protein within 30 minutes of waking up?

Also, have you tried ice baths?

Thise three things seem to be the most common issues for stalled weightloss, according to the book.

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