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Geek to Freak Cheat Sheet

For those trying to gain mass (or simply burn fat), I thought I'd put together a cheat sheet of the Geek to Freak routine with all the videos / supplements / diet:


To gain mass, follow the Occam's feeding diet (slow carb plus potatoes/rice. To burn fat, just eat the slow carb diet and rest 30 seconds between exercises.

Daily Supplements:

Morning: NO-Xplode (2 scoops, every day except Sunday), 500 mg Slo-Niacin/timed-release niacinamide

Before each meal: 200 mcg Chromium polynicotinate , alpha-lipoic acid

Prior to bed: policosanol (23 mg), ChromeMate (200 mcg), alpha-lipoic acid (200 mg), Slo- Niacin (500 mg)

On workout days:

Pre-workout: BodyQUICK (2 capsules 30 mins. prior)

Post-workout: 30 g micellar casein protein


-Warm up before each exercise with prep set (3 reps at 60% of the target weight at a 1/2 cadence: 1 second up, 2 down)

-Do 2-10 of these exercises for 80–120 seconds of total time until failure.

-5 seconds up & 5 seconds down

-Rest at least three minutes between exercises

-Try to exercise all joints and increase recovery time as you get stronger.

1. Pullover + Yates Bent Row (no rest between sets)


2. Shoulder-Width Leg Press


3. Pec-Deck + Weighted Dips (no rest between sets)

4. Leg Curl

5. Reverse Thick-Bar Curl

6. Seated Calf Raises

7. Manual Neck Resistance

8. Machine Crunches

  • 4hourfreak commented May 23rd 2011:
    NO-explode everyday?? Even on non-workout days? Would another pre-workout drink suffice? I like using Jack3d Pre-Workout..


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Thanks for this! I've been doing Occam's for six weeks and am now switching to G2F. Do you follow the same weight increase principles from Occam's (10 lbs or 10%)?

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Nice work, these will come in handy, I've had a bit of information overload and this has made it easier to sort out


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Laura were you having the protei8n shake out of the book? I am current doing G2F with slow carb diet as I am trying to lose fat and build/tone muscles but would like to increase muscle mass slightly, would that help?


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Hi Laura, this is extremely helpful. Just what I was looking for, so excited to start G2F!! Thank you... :)


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Very helpful! This is a great cheat sheet. I think Tim should have included better summaries for all of this programs...

Two questions though:

1. Two weeks ago I switched from Occam's Protocol to the G2F program and I'm running through this entire set, do you recommend splitting it in half? As per Tim, I'm aiming "elicit a maximal hormonal response", but curious if you or anyone else has had better results splitting the entire routine and lifting at more frequent intervals?

2. Compared to Occam's Protocal, none of the G2F appear to directly work out the shoulder muscles. It could be the one or more include them as a compound exercise, but it doesn't seem like it. I'm considering adding the shoulder press back into my workout routine, but wondering if might affect breakthroughs in the other G2F exercises.

Any insight is much appreciated!

  • Hogne commented Aug 7th 2011:

    I've added shoulder press to my workout =)

  • Isaac Figueroa commented Nov 26th 2012:

    I'm trying to find bodyquick and it says its discontinued. Anyone know about this?

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