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Hi 4 Hour Nation,

We got over-energized from cheat day and your before and after pictures, and been hacking for 2 nights. Check out results on your profile page. Some of you went out of way to help others and will find little gratitude awards there.

You can also find our community star mentors on the home page. It's our way of saying thanks for participating in this fun adventure together. Doing it with many others supportive people made it easier on all of us. We get excited and proud each time we see members of our cozy community bettering their life. You make it all worth while.

Please respond with ideas :s, constructive critics :( or praises :). We would love to hear from you. This little site of ours is labor of love, but what made it special is YOU. Thank you.


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I'm in the top 10? How did that happen? O_o I thought I mostly lurk here, lol :D

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do you know what would be completely awesome? a loss-o-meter! some sort of widget or countdown that shows on our profiles how much we have lost so far on the diet and how much we need to loose to get to our goal weight/body fat percentage. then it would be soooo cool if there were a giant loss-o-meter on the homepage where everyone's loss was added together so we could see how much everyone has lost on the slow carb lifestyle!

  • 4HourBod commented Mar 12th 2011:
    I love it. A lot. Will build it.
  • Carp commented Mar 25th 2011:
    I like this idea too. i made one for my own google home page but it would be cool to see everyone's results and compare to mine to drive me harder!


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My one request is that we keep having new monkeys. I love these little dudes.


  • 4HourBod commented Mar 20th 2011:
    Have fun: http://4hourpeople.com/smile.doc/

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