concentration com and so for ingredients I feel likethe

concentration com and so for ingredients I feel likethe timeless wins it there because it has 20 percentvitamin C and I actually just read a study last night that was based on a23-point eight-percent vitamin C ascorbic celleral acidconcentration in a serum and show significant result in skinsmoothness and reduction fine lines wrinkles so I’ll I know forme twenty percent as than 15 sometimes wins it for the concentrationactive ingredients okay moving on to price the price pointsfor these as I said are all under 50 dollars but within thatrange there’s still quite a big difference hi sell the timeless years $24.95 for one ounce this year polished choicec15 resist this is forty-five dollars 4.67 houses so if you’re around us up to a fullhouse that works out to $67.50 her house verses $24.95 per house forthis this is usually on sale


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