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Some questions.

Hello everyone!

I just joined the community. I sort of started the SCD this week, but not fully as I did not go shopping for it last Sunday.
So I will officially begin the diet 1/10/16.

I have looked over the book a couple times and I have done some Google searches.
These are a few questions I have left or thought of if anyone is willing to help me out.

I am 33 years old: 5’7” @ 239LBS. I am looking to drop to 170LBS eventually.

My first question is about breakfast and preparation.
I have not eaten eggs in a very long time. I don’t really care for them, but I am willing to eat them if this diet is going to work.

My idea was to get some bacon cook it up in a pan and just before it was done toss in 2 large eggs and scramble them in the bacon grease to try and give the eggs some bacon flavour. I am also going to add pepper and probably chili powder as well to them. I have also thought about chopping up broccoli and tossing that in as well.

My Question: Is it ok to cook everything in the bacon grease?

Second Question still on Breakfast: I planned on using the ISO Pure Unflavored Protein mix Tim talked about in his blog. Is drinking part of my 30g of protein ok for the morning part? I am assuming protein is protein?

Third Question: I know this is a “low carb” diet, but everything has carbs in it (for the most part). What are we looking at staying under each day? Is there a set limit of what not to go over?

Fourth Question: Same subject but with Protein. What amount are we looking at trying to consume?

I only plan on eating 3 times a day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).

I also did the calorie counter to tell me what I should be eating each day to lose (x) of lbs. each week based on my weight and height. It came to 1,622. Should I still stick to this?

I don’t have an issue counting calories. I have been using MyFitnessPal for a while.

I know I had more questions, but that is all I can think of right now and are probably the most important.

Thank you for all the time and help!

Good luck everyone!

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