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Stuck..could Bacon be the problem?? Help!

recently i made a post about when i stopped drinking coffee, the pounds started falling off. that was in the beginning of july, and since then nothing has changed in terms of the coffe drinking and following the diet. ive stuck to it firmly, along with my workouts 5 days a week. but these past few weigh in days (i also measure), my weight had gone BACK to 144.4. thats the weight i was stuck at before i stopped drinking coffee. i got down to 141 (only 3 lbs, but im pretty slim so 3 lbs is a lot for me). i also use a handheld body fat calculator that has stayed pretty consistent to track my fat %. if my weight goes up, my body fat % goes up so i dont know how accurate it is, because i could just be gaining muscle and that could be the weight gain, but i really dont knkw since the body fat calculator shows an increase in body fat % whenever i gain anything. i started eating bacon with breakfast and sometimes as a snack (4 or 5 pieces). could that be the reason for the gain? theres no sugar in it, and no other ingredienets that arent allowed. im just so tired of seeing144.4 on the scale and the measurements not budging. anyone have any idea why i keep going back to this annoying weight???


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Could be….I love bacon as well so what I do is make a 2-egg omelete with extra egg white filled with black beans, tomato, green onion, mushroom and I cut 1 slice of bacon into half-inch pieces a fry and add to filling.

All you really need to have the bacon flavor.

There’s a lot of sodium in bacon and that could possibly lead to problems.

Perhaps try 50% less sodium bacon and for a snack have a tablespoons of peanut butter or some almonds instead of bacon.. save the bacon for breakfast.

Drink more than usual amounts of water for you.

  • Ray Fauteux commented Nov 6th 2015:
    I should add that I was 162 pounds going in and my waist was developing a spare tire that I wanted no part of. I was an endurance athlete for 39 years and raced at 150 and with about a 30-inch waist. My waist was 34 when I went on the diet. In three weeks my weight is 147(it was 148 after two weeks)and I think it will pretty much stay at around 147-150 where I want it . My waist showed the biggest improvement and after three weeks is 31.5 from 34. As Tim said ("there's nothing wrong with eating the same thing every day)." Its not meant to be a fun diet but it sure does work. Cheat day is awesome!! Last Saturday I had blueberry pancakes with lots of butter and syrup, hash browns, toast and jam, and bacon for breakfast and junk food all day.
  • Katie Jester commented Nov 6th 2015:
    Thank you guys for the answers! I was wondering if anyone even goes on this site anymore. I think I'll cut out bacon all together after the package runs out and see how that goes.

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Sorry you’re stuck. I’m in a similar boat this week. I weigh one thing at night, and 3 lbs heavier in the morning. Then it goes back down again.

anyhow, yeah, it’s probably the bacon. I’ve had trouble with high-fat proteins. For those, you want to stick with very high quality expensive meats. try substituting with chicken or a non-insullinogenic powder like rice protein.

I also keep trying to tell myself to only focus on the weekly waist measurement, and not worry about the scale fluctuations. easier said than done…

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