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Minimizing "Whole Hog" Cheat Days

Just passed the 2 year mark with Slow Carb Dieting.

I’ve had a number of “learning opportunities”, the most of which was the 8+ mos that I stubbornly stuck with Whey Protein in the morning.

My next hill to climb is finally learning how to limit myself on cheat days. My normal cheat day starts out as a rock rolling downhill, then by 10 p.m., it’s a boulder that just keeps going.

Consequently, I’m not losing the weight like I first did. Any advice from the crowd on how to tame the beast?


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I think Tim had it right in the book when he said to make cheat day breakfast a slow carb breakfast that you might normally eat during the week.

Then after that, eat whatever you want for the rest of the day. The Slow carb breakfast will help suppress your appetite and by default you will eat less on cheat day.

On SCD I almost have to force myself to eat most of the time as it’s taken my appetite away for the most part.

Eating carbs triggers something inside us that urges us to eat even more carbs. It’s almost like we have a sugar switch. That’s why every grocery, drug store, and convenience store has choclate bars at the till. It often triggers a sugar response just to look at them and people make an impulse purchase to fill that perceived need.

Eating protein first slows the absorption glycegin into your bloodstream when you move onto simple carbs like cookies, cake, donuts, chocolate…..well you get the picture. It sort of works as a balance.

For example if you had an ice cream cone, that sugar would rocket into your bloodstream, but if you had half a cup of cottage cheese sometime just before your ice cream, it will stem the tide of glycogen production and create more of a balance.

It’s because of the high protein content in the cottage cheese.

Sorry, got carried away with my days as an Ironman Triathlete when this was something I had to learn about protein, sugar, and how it effects energy levels and endurance.

  • Michael James commented Oct 29th 2015:
    i do have my rice protein in the morning. I think you have a good idea with using protein to curb the desire for more carbs throughout the day. I will start to inject high-protein meals throughout the day rather than an all-day carb fest.
  • Bud commented Mar 21st 2017:
    I do a cheat meal, usually late lunch, desert and all!! It lessons the next day food hangover for me.

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