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Third week in and seeming to stall.

Hey all! I just started the Slow Carb diet three weeks ago. (31 year old, 6’1”, Male) The first two weeks were smashing. I was 260 pre-start, and after the second week I lost 10 pounds. However, this third week, I’ve can’t seem to lose anything else. I’m stuck at 250.

I’m still pretty new to the diet, so I might be doing it wrong. I’ve kept my diet incredibly simple and basic — here it is, in fact.

Morning: 3 egg Omelette with chopped peppers and onions, and a slice of turkey lunch meat sliced in, with half a can of Pinto Beans.

First Snack: Either half a can of Pinto Beans or 2 boiled Eggs.

Lunch: 1 can of tuna, 2 cups of steamed veggies (broccoli, califlower, carrots, peppers)

Second Snack: Either half a can of Pinto Beans or 2 Boiled Eggs.

Dinner: Some sort of meat (Chicken, usually) with steamed veggies, or a salad (again, with chicken).

I only have a single diet drink (Diet Lipton Citrus Green Tea) a day, and otherwise drink over 64 ounces of water through out the day. I’ve been reading around, and I might be over doing it on the beans. And, if that is the case, suggestions for substitutions would be nice. Mind you, I’m on a bit of a financial crunch at the moment — you might have noticed that the meals are really, really cheap, all things considering.

Thanks for reading, and for any help you might offer!

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Don’t drink calories. Change your Diet Lipton Citrus Green Tea for Crystal Clear Pure Exclusive Water.

Instead of Morning, First Snack, Lunch, Second Snack, Dinner, do Meal 0, Meal 1, Meal 2, Meal 3, Meal 4, Meal 5. You need more calories, but not from Diet Lipton Citrus Green Tea… Meal 0 is your 30g of protein up to 30 min after waking up.

Cold baths (or showers if it’s too much for you to handle).

AGG and PAGG supplements.

Drink a lot of water.

Do the workout.

  • Dan Beal commented Sep 1st 2015:
    I am seeming to hit the a stall as well... and i am at 30% body fat - so plenty to lose. Started July 28th, So week 6, I am down 17 pounds, but i was down 17 pounds after 4 weeks. I am doing the following: MWF - 75 Kettle Bell Swings, 50 Pushups, 50 Good Morning, 30 myotatic situp Mornings - Ice Water (500+ ML), eating Beans/Veggies and meat... At least 30g of protein here - weighing the meat, about a cup and a half of the bean mix Lunch - eating Beans/Veggies and meat more beans than breakfast Dinner - eating Beans/Veggies and meat Icing - CoolPac on back for 30 min Recently added exercises (90 seconds) 90 min after eating all meals. Supplementing PAGG, Water - Drink about 16 oz of water an hour, 2-3 16 Oz of green or black tea throughout the day
  • Dan Beal commented Sep 1st 2015:
    Been Mix is 8 cans of beans, 4 cans of Peas, 2 cans of slices tomatos - have about a cup to 2 cups each meal. Yes, i am eating within 30 min of waking, about 95% of the time


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The beans are pretty heavy, I suggest adding in avocado when on sale, and stalling happens regardless of the diet sometimes and goes away after 2-4 weeks after the stalling has started. Your body needs to adapt to the new diet and start accessing parts of the genome that process these foods differently than the old diet. The initial loss can come from water and stopping bodily stress from eating took much sugar (causing insulin spikes) and from antinutrients (gluten, lactose, etc.). The real weight loss comes from telling fat cells to burn calories instead of accepting new calories. A way to accelerate this would be to increase the hormone leptin which stops hunger and starts the hormonal process that makes fat cells give calories to your body for energy.

There are three ways to do this. First: Cold Showers (10 minutes in all that’s required). They increase leptin and other hormones as detailed in the science primer section of this blog post http://coldshowers.co/2016/03/19/cold-showers-fat-loss-the-ultimate-guide/

Second way would be to bulletproof fast where you don’t eat anything except for fats (pure fats, no protein at all) for 16 hours for 2 weeks (the weeks is to let the body adapt). This will accelerate the process of priming the body to burn fat. Exclusively getting fat into the body will force the body to relearn how to burn fat.

Third way would be the full on ketogenic diet if you’re body really ins’t cooperating. This is the more extreme version of the above technique where almost all your body does is burn fat.

  • Brian Blaszkowski commented Apr 19th 2016:
    For those tracking weight loss, are you also tracking inches lost? I found i actually GAINED weight on this diet the first time around (2 years ago, back on as of 3 days), but i lost a lot of inches around various body parts. Measure around both biceps (about the middle), stomach (at belly button), hips (widest part), and both thighs (middle). Do that once a week. I always do it on my cheat day, after the SCD first meal. Dont forget, as youre losing fat, youre gaining muscle. You might go up in weight at the beginning, but you will still be losing the fat. And eventually, muscle gains plateau, then its all loss. In my experience at least, and from what i remember from the book.

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