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Does the cold shower have to be before breakfast?

Hi, Im just starting out and was wondering if i can get up, drink ice water, do kettlebells, eat and then do the cold shower? my reasons are a) if i eat last i may not be within an hour of waking b) id like to shower after a workout and c) i wont have time to wait out 60-90 after eating breakfast to do bells. i was doing IF before so im used to fasted training so i guess im mostly wondering about whether or not its effective to cold shower after eating?



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Get your protein first. Otherwise, you run the risk of spiking insulin and negating the effects of the cold shower and the diet. If you can, eat something before your kettlebells.

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Cold showers are useful regardless of when, but can be timed to be even MORE effective. When you cold shower it increases insulin sensitivity and reduces appetite, which would make eating 30 grams of protein harder if you eat after. If you can still eat that much though then doing the cold shower before eating will further increase insulin sensitivity and make muscles grow faster and get (just a little, but enough to feel the difference) bigger or denser.

This blog post explains the mechanisms and how to make them easier to stand. Good luck! :)

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