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Vietnamese Pho?

I love Pho. It's a Beef Noodle soup.

I know the noodles are a no-no, however they usually server it with basil leaves and sprouts. Wondering if anyone knows how this might play in a Slow Carb Diet if I cut out the noodles. Or should I leave this for cheat day?


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without the noodles - its great - but you need to compliment it with more protein (there is only about 24g per serving)

  • shane commented Mar 4th 2011:
    Pho Kya!
  • Agent.Luv commented Mar 3rd 2011:
    This is great news; I love pho. Pho with double meat, here I come!

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I've been traveling in Vietnam for the last few months and have found Vietnamese food to be excellent for the SCD. It has been easy (and cheap) to stay on the SCD while traveling here, and I don't feel deprived in the slightest.

To answer your question -- sometimes I include the broth and veggies from a bowl of Pho in a meal if I am really hungry. I actually think this is the best part of Pho, and have found that when I have the noodles on cheat day, they are the least satisfying part.

Other delicious Vietnamese foods that are okay during the week:

    Sauteed Morning Glory and Garlic

    Beef (or Chicken) with Lemongrass and Chili

    Beef (or Chicken) with Onions and Ginger


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I had the same issue, so I asked the owner of my favorite Pho place. She advised the same - order your favorite Pho combination and hold the noodles. She suggested substituting broccoli, tofu, or both instead. Still delicious, but beware the Hoisin sauce - pure sugar!!!!

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