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Intermittent Fasting Schedule

From this thread I have read some of the posts on Martin's site and also Eat Stop Eat. Most of the things that I have found are explanations as to why IF works and the details of it. Does anyone know of a reliable source with more of a summary and a schedule that could be used to take advantage of IF to lose body fat and gain muscle mass?

Is anyone else using IF with success?

Update: I did find this post on but what would a weekly schedule look like?




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I used IF and running last year to drop 50 pounds. If your looking for a formal schedule, I too am not aware of one but here is my experience:

I transitioned into IF just like I HAD to transition into a runner (running is 10% increase max per week, speed or distance). I learned from my running the hard way what happens when I try to push myself... I will break. No one is truely a superhuman IMHO.

First off I found it easiest to skip breakfast. It didn't interrupt my work schedule (look strange to all my co-workers who were tagging the vending machines every hour and then eating lunch...) Also it helped with my family life as a father and husband. I was expected to eat dinner as a family. Breakfast was MINE! I could control it thus eventually skip it.

What could easily be 4 pop tarts OR a very full bowl of cereal, became a small bowl of cereal and no pop tarts ever.

Next I transitioned from cereals+milk to 1 packet of oatmeal + water every morning.

This gave me a much more consistent and controlled base to transition from.

After a while of eating so little for breakfast I attempted to just skip it all together one morning.

Then a few days later I did it again. After becoming more confident about it, I tried back to back days and extending the fast by not eating after specific times in the evening.

Just keep in mind 2 important IF things:

1. Keep your caloric intake the same as before you were IF'ing (use the MBR calcs to find your maintenance daily calories if your uncertain).

2. Make sure that the content of your feasting stage a good quality food sources. As Mike Odonnell from The IF Life said "Don't do IFOC!" IF on crap...

Like I said at the beginning, I started at around 200 pounds January of 2010, by around the last quarter of the year I was around 150 pounds. During this time I ran several 5Ks, 2 10Ks, a half marathon, and a full marathon.

Now I am still distance running and ran my first Ultra Marathon on 2/12/11 (a 50K) while on the SCD with VERY few IF days. I have the tools to experiment with all of them now. I mix and match my run training, IF, and SCD and some with multiple days off.

I don't need to lose any more weight. Now I guess you could say I'm 70% cutting 30% bulking. Good luck with your IF experiments! It's not easy BUT I know beyond a shadow of a doubt when I'm hungry and when I just want to eat. Recognizing that line is very important!

  • shane commented Mar 9th 2011:
    Good stuff! Though I think there are people who ARE superhumans (who naturally have unnatural strength/endurance/speed), I agree with your point that you must know your limits, and where the lines are. THANK YOU for taking the time to share your info
  • justhamade commented Apr 13th 2011:
    I have been IFing for over a month now with good results. I found the same thing as you, breakfast was mine to control. Thanks for the great info.
  • LauraCox commented Mar 2nd 2011:
    Very useful information, thanks for posting!
  • MaryC commented Apr 5th 2012:

    I would like to IF, can you give an idea of what your schedule is? times of fasting and how many times per day? how about cheat days, do still have them or not? do you fast before or after cheat day?

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Here is a blog that I read everyday. Marks Daily Apple. You'll soon be addicted. He loves IF and has many posts about it, here is one that could be helpful:

  • justhamade commented Apr 18th 2011:
    Hey Tim, Thanks I read Marks Daily Apple and link to it often.


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I plan on doing this after cheat day to reduce gains.

  • Mags commented May 16th 2011:
    me too!
  • evaclare commented Jun 2nd 2011:

    how long did you do the IF before going back to normal?


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If you are looking for a group that combines IF and muscle building, check out; it was created by John Barban and Brad Pilon (of Eat Stop Eat). There are blog posts with some pretty decent before and afters. Every one uses IF based on their goals; some use is 2x per week and others use it more frequently based on the amount of fat they need to lose and how quickly they want to get there.

I use their female version, the Venus Index which similarly has a good community.

Good luck!


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I introduced IF 3 weeks ago, one 24 hour fast (breakfast to breakfast) on Wednesday of each week. So I've done 3 fast days so far. I'm well into marathon training and doing a good bit of resistance training as well. What the IF did achieve was to get me back down to my pre-xmas weight. Before xmas I would vary between 173lb and 169lb from Monday to Sunday. After xmas I was stuck between 177lb and 174lb and could not seem to drop down that step. IF fixed that after two Wednesdays fasting, 4lb drop the first Wednesday and 3.2lb drop the second brought my weekly weight back to where I wanted it.

It's worth noting that last Wednesday I only had a drop of 1.6lb which is either a result of the effect wearing off or as a result of the fact that I had no exercise that day. I don't go training on a fast day as without the fuel I didn't think it ideal to be pressurising myself to run "x" miles or lift "x" weights. What I did do was go playing 5-a-side soccer. No pressure, just a run around and you work up a sweat doing it. Maybe next Wednesday will show another decent drop.

I think the 24 hour once a week is good for this immediate drop but doesn't sustain this so I'm very interested to hear if anyone else has better experience. I'm thinking of trying the condensed eating window twice a week soon and see how that goes. Has anyone achieved good results with this...???

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