How Much Garlic Is Too Much?

Hi all. I'm a new user and, therefore, bound to ask new user-y questions. To wit, one about garlic supplements. In the book, it's recommended that one take 650 mg of garlic at each stage in PAAG, but all I could find were 1000 mg caplets, which can't be broken in half because they're hard as rocks. So, given that, is it safe for me to consume a total of 4000 mg of garlic per day?


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Its the allicin in the garlic supplement that is the most important to get right.

See Laura Cox's answer on this page.


However Its not relevent to UK habitants.

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I don't think you need to worry about overdosing on garlic but the book recommends using aged garlic (I use Kyolic in capsules). Something you might consider is that a high dose might not do you any more good than the minimal dose required and thus may be a waste of money or resources. His books kind of stress finding a way to get the most gain from the least effort. I find that applies to many areas in my life.


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I can't imagine there's an upper limit for garlic. Especially considering one clove of garlic weighs around 6g (6000mg). If you've ever eaten a couple cloves worth of roasted garlic, I'm sure thats a LOT more than the 4 grams of capsule versions of garlic.

  • mcflipper commented Feb 28th 2011:
    Oh, wow, yeah, I'd say that's a bit more than I thought it would be. Well, I've yet to be permanently killed by a garlic clove, so I suppose there's no reason to worry.

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