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How much do you gain after cheat day?


yesterday it was my third cheat day.

I had a high protein breakfast first, but then: sweets, sugar cola, steak with a mountain of french fries, pasta. I also had some stronger alcohol in the evening. I was feeling full all day, believe me...

and in the morning I was 400 grams heavier than the day before. That's less than a pound.

How much do you get?


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Usually around 1lb, and it consistently hangs around for a day or two after cheat day.

  • TylerS commented Mar 1st 2011:
    Same here!
  • filipn commented Feb 27th 2011:
    Same with me. Thanks!

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Yesterday was my first cheat day. I gained 7 lbs (taken from my waking weight until I went to bed).

Waking - Sunday AM - 225 lbs

Bedtime - Sundap PM - 232 lbs

Waking - Monday AM - 229 lbs

I know water and hydration has much to do with this, and I am not worried in the least about the fluctuations. Of course everything is relative on my bathroom scale (with BI BodyFat%).


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I gained an extra 5 pounds after my cheat day.


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4-7 lbs for me. I take my cheat days SERIOUSLY! Takes until the following thursday to come off but still losing additional by every Saturday. 1 month 10.5 down, dropped 4 inches off my waist so far.


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Hi there filipn,

I've had 3 days of Going Wild practice - and I've added 400gm, 1.1kg and 1.2kg. Photo evidence of my splurges are on my blog.

I'm trying to work out why the first one was so much better - and I did have a couple of home-made (very limey) margaritas before lunch ... maybe imitating grapefruit response? I haven't done the calorie maths to see if the days were at all similar in intake.

But, to date I haven't done any of the damage control techniques - but I will this next one coming up and see if there is any difference. More margaritas! (yay)


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I don't gain weight after cheat day. I always weight less day after.

  • rosebud123 commented Feb 28th 2011:
    Do you do cheat day like Tim Explains in the damage control chapter or do you do normal cheat day where you do whatever you want??
  • desert fox commented Feb 28th 2011:
    No, just normal cheat day.


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I weighed 239 the morning of my first cheat day. After my cheat day I was at 244. I went back to normal that day and I woke up today and im 246, I don't know what is going on. Kind of discouraging.


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I also usually gain under one pound on my binge days. Believe me it is not due to a lack of trying ;) but rather a strict adherence to the "damage control" portion of Rapid Fat Loss. I am always lighter than my pre-binge weight two days later.

Cheers, and great success to you!


  • formerRawVegan commented May 29th 2011:

    wow. would you mind laying out exactly what you mean by strict adherence to damage control? i do the squats and wall presses, try to flex abs while eating, drink lots of acidic drinks, lots of water, and even did yoga today... we'll see tomorrow but i'm feeling preeeeeetty full


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Yesterday was my second cheat day and I gained 3.8lbs (306.8->310.6) after it. After my first cheat day, last week, I gained nothing.

Started day off with 37g of protein from unflavored shake. Then a few hours later I had grapefruit juice followed by coffee w/cinnamon, then did 40 air squats and 30 wall presses about 5 or so minutes before cheat-day-eating what would be mostly BBQ (burgers no buns, hot dogs w/buns & kraut, chicken, pasta salad, etc). Then when I was done, about an hour later, the "dessert bar" opened so I had one more cup of grapefruit juice* 10 minutes before eating ice cream (one bowl w/whipped cream, butterscotch, caramel) and brownie bites (about 11 of them w/whipped cream...).

*Would've done the squats and presses again but I was so sore and weak knee'd after doing them because that's actually the first time I've done those types of exercises in years (sad, isn't it?). :-/ Throwing in T Handle swings starting Tuesday should help future soreness from that.

Now, granted, that's a lot to eat in one day in only a 8 hours (by the time I left, my stomach looked like I was expecting twins, lol) and I did it up. However, I didn't expect to gain nearly 4lbs! I figured a pound or two, especially with the juice, coffee and exercises. Does my gain sound about right even with doing the damage control, or do you think had I not done that I'd have gained less/more?

  • airdoza commented Jul 3rd 2011:

    I typically gain 5lbs every cheat day (Sat) and lose it by Wed. I have been on the diet for 45 days now and have lost 20lbs. I have not done any damage control on my cheat days and work out once a week. Today I am going to drink grapefruit juice b4 meals and try to do squats throughout the day. I have found I tend to gain more when my cheat day consists of pasta's and bread. Not so much when my day is mostly sweets.


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I can easily gain about 3 lbs. after cheat day & I don't even eat unhealthy stuff or gorge myself-I guess it's just water weight. It take me until Thursday to lose it just about every week. I'm on my 8th week and just stopped weighing myself after cheat days because it was too discouraging.

  • danielgfreeman commented Mar 16th 2011:
    i am now on my 4th day after cheat and am actually still gaining weight! has this happened to you? im am beginning to lose hope:(
  • ajm422 commented Jul 3rd 2011:

    It makes me happy to hear others are retaining cheat day weight until ~Thursday. Tim mentions it should come off in 48 hours, but that's not usually the case for me. If I have one cheat meal (moderate portions, just of prohibited food), I usually gain 0.5-1.0lbs if I don't do damage control. When I go nuts (whole boxes of donuts, >10 beers, an entire pizza) I gain about 4lbs and it doesn't come off 'til at least Wednesday.


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Cheat Day, Morning: 233.6 lbs.

Cheat Day, Evening: 245.2 lbs.

Morning after Cheat Day: 239.8 lbs.

This was my first official 4HB Cheat Day, but the previous week I ate whatever I wanted all weekend and was back to Saturday morning's weight after only two days of slow carb dieting. So, hopefully this water weight will be gone a day earlier this week.

  • spadeyyz commented Sep 25th 2011:

    I feel so much better reading this. I tend to gain as little as 2 lbs. To as much as 9-11 lbs. The day after. By Wednesday I'm back to Saturday mornings weight.

    - nice profile name!


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when I started out on cheat day I gained about 4 lbs. But when i threw in my weight training and ice bath into the mix (as Tim did in his example in the book), I usually come out .5 lb lighter the day after cheat day. Sometimes 1-2 lbs lighter. The only thing that negates that is a large stuffed crust pizza on cheat day. If I have a pizza I always gain the next day. :)

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