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Cholesterol has gone through the roof

So I just had blood work done for the first time in over a year and my cholesterol has skyrocketed. My bad cholesterol is in the mid-200s and overall in the mid-300s. My triglycerides were cut in half and my good cholesterol is ok. I've been eating three whole eggs every morning and will be eating only egg whites to see if that helps. I don't eat a lot of beef or red meat, mostly chicken and fish. I'm also stopping taking CLA to see if that has anything to do with it. Other than the eggs, I'm hardly eating a lot high-cholesterol foods (except for cheat day).


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You might want to ask to have a particle size test done on your LDL. If your Tri's are low and HDL is at a good level, you could have a higher level of the large fluffy LDL particles rather than the dangerous small dense LDL particles. A lot of what was thought about cholesterol is changing with new research. One area is that overall LDL number might not be telling the whole story since we know know that it comes in three particles sizes, two of which are not harmful.

  • Tomhole commented May 28th 2016:
    This is a good suggestion. I had this test done and unfortunately, my LDL was not the fluffy type. It was all the dense LDL. Doc put me on statins (which I have been avoiding for years) and I went from 310 overall to 186 overall. Don't remember what the mix was, but I know the doc told me it was bad.

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I would be very concerned about the sudden jump. It might be a precursor to a heart attack. My cholesterol was always around 250 until I got fat and it went up to 290 over a few years. I found SCD and lost 70lbs and it went back down to 250 and stayed there. I kept the weight off for 3 years and decided to apply for more life insurance. They tested my blood and would not give me the best rate, so I called and told them I was in the best shape of my life, how could I not qualify for the best rate? They said my cholesterol was 314. So I tried another company and same thing. Three months later, I had 2 heart attacks. 3 angiograms, 4 stints and mega doses of statins later and I seem to be ok for now.

So, I would recommend talking to your doc about the sudden jump. Your numbers are stupid high and went stupid higher. Tell the doc you want a stress test. Don’t take no for an answer. I have gotten more things stuck up my backside looking for colon cancer than I care to think about. But only one stress test ever. More people die of cardiac diseases than butt diseases.


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