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TIP: Avoid whey protein when burning fat!

A LOT of people following the slow carb diet to burn fat are getting lazy and using protein powders to meet the '30g of protein within 30 minutes of waking' requirement. Unfortunately, this may derail your fat-loss efforts, not solely because of the sucralose (which is still bad for weight loss), but also because whey protein spikes your insulin. And since the whole point of slow-carb is to avoid insulin spikes, this is definitely something you want to avoid. Contrary to popular belief, it's not the lactose/milk sugar that causes an insulin spike, according to this clinical study, it's the whey protein in milk that's responsible for the majority of the insulinotropic effects of milk. So, in terms of cheating, drinking whey protein for breakfast is akin to drinking milk for breakfast.

Straight from the Myoplex Product Guide:

"Myoplex is not the best choice prior to going to going to bed. As it has a mid-range Glycemic index rating, it will provoke more of an insulin response than you are looking for right before going to sleep."

Whey protein isolate was designed to be consumed after your workout, where an insulin spike is desirable/intentional in order to deliver essential protein & nutrients to your muscles as quickly as possible. It's one of the fastest absorbing proteins available and is fully digested by your body within an hour. That means if you drink whey in the morning, not only will your insulin spike and turn off your fat-burning switch, but you'll be hungry again within an hour.

Curiously enough, Tim is aware of this, yet still gives unflavored whey protein the 'ok' on a recent blog post:

"It's true that whey is partially (or wholly) responsible for the insulinemic response of most dairy, but avoiding lactose seems to be more directly correlated to faster fat-loss in the diet subjects I've tracked."

Instead of using whey, there's a slow-burning lactose-free protein that won't spike your insulin called casein or micellar protein, the protein found in cottage cheese. Analagous to the beans, it's a time-released protein that digests slowly and delivers a steady stream of protein to your body over several hours without spiking your insulin. So for all you slow carbers out there using whey, I highly recommend experimenting with casein for your breakfast shakes and reserve the whey protein only for after your workout.

(P.S. For those of you taking BCAAs, they are also insulinotropic, so use them accordingly!)

Update: After thinking about this some more, all foods cause some kind of insulin increase, it the timing that you want to worry about. Drinking 30g of pure whey when you wake up is probably fine, but combining whey with foods should definitely be avoided. When you wake up, your body is in a semi-starved state and your muscle glycogen will be depleted, so your body should be able to absorb 30g of whey protein since it's only about 120 calories, and the insulin spike may be desirable in this situation (Tim's dad's story). However, combining whey with a proper 400 calorie breakfast is probably not a good idea since the insulin spike will be even greater in the presence of carbs and will convert any unused calories into fat. So if you do decide to drink whey in the AM, wait an hour before eating breakfast.

  • Patrick Brophy commented Feb 22nd 2011:
    So this would be OK: http://www.trueprotein.com/Product_Details.aspx?cid=22&pid=73
  • pdx4hbHolly commented Feb 22nd 2011:
    Wow, thanks for posting this, Laura-very helpful information!
  • LauraCox commented Feb 24th 2011:
    @Patrick Yes! Nice find, customizable protein powder with zero carbs, go with the unsweetened if you can handle it. If you absolutely must have it sweetened, Stevia is the most natural of the options but could affect fat loss slightly.
  • bnk commented Mar 23rd 2011:
    Warning: I switched to the casein protein, to find out that I have an allergy. Went into a pretty severe reaction for about 6 hours. Doesn't happen w/milk products, but the strong dose really hit me hard, back to the whey, not every morning but some.
  • angelbrenda commented Apr 10th 2011:
    So is it ok to drink a whey pro shake when you get up, go work out, then come home and have your breakfast of 3 eggs w salsa and spinach on the side? Thanks!
  • LauraCox commented Apr 13th 2011:
    @bnk sorry to hear that, casein can cause allergies in some people since the proteins are larger and more difficult to break down, prolly should have mentioned that. @angelbrenda yes, but I think you burn more fat if you exercise on an empty stomach!
  • manny commented Apr 15th 2011:
    i switched from whey to plant protein powders (first hemp, then a mix of hemp and pea) a few months ago (before i started SCD). i found that my body digests plant protein so much easier than whey (whey makes me bloated) and my waist was getting thinner.
  • manny commented Apr 15th 2011:
    also, hemp has a complete amino acid profile! this website has some interesting facts on hemp. its obviously biased because they are selling it but its still interestsing. http://www.proteinbreakthrough.com/
  • Llama commented Apr 26th 2011:
    Is this one any good? http://www.myprotein.com/uk/products/impact_whey_isolate
  • thepetitegeek commented Apr 26th 2011:
    I really like the Nutiva organic hemp protein powder. I usually drink it in the morning before my cheat day to help keep me full. Only 11g of protein but 14g of fiber.
  • evaclare commented Jun 3rd 2011:

    I am wondering if egg whites mixed with unflavored whey would cause the insulin spike?

  • magida commented Jun 14th 2011:

    This all makes perfect sense so now I am just trying to choose which one to buy...from Australia - can you please let me know which of those listed on this site is best?


    Thanks in advance.


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I have to say I immediately stalled after adding the whey. I think I made the mistake of reading the 'common errors' and then thought if I applied everything at once I would lose weight like mad. But when adding PAAG, whey, ice cold showers... all at once I was no longer sure what was working or not. I'm going back to the start. Then add in PAAG after a couple weeks, then compare. Then consider whey. I think a lot of us put the book down and think we're going to have amazing bodies in 3 weeks. I think in 3 weeks you can set a lot in motion. But the real heart of the book is learning what works for your body & paying attention. It happens fast but it can stop fast too.

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I have been having a protein shake for breakfast as soon as I get up every day with 80 grams of whey. I find this much easier than trying to eat food first thing in the morning. I have noticed that my shirts are getting looser and I am consistently losing 1-3 pounds every week.

After reading this tip I went online to research this and all of the studies I have found so far show whey is awesome at increasing insulin sensitivity and fat loss and maintaining lean mass as opposed to the control groups even if they lost the same amount of weight. They also show many other health benefits for whey protein.

I would suggest to anybody to really do some hardcore research for themselves before adding or subtracting whey, and then experiment for yourself to see what happens.


  • carlamaree commented Mar 29th 2012:

    Same for me. In my 2nd week now, but I just can't eat a full breakfast in the morning so I have 1.5 scoops of protein (which amounts to 33.5gs protein) with a teaspoon of coffee and a pinch of cinnamon. In week 1 I lost 1.9kgs


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Hmm.....interesting. Note, EVERY BODY is different and while some will react positively some will not. I do use whey protein and egg white protein - no sugar, no added sweetners, nothing artificial. However, its not the first thing I consume and its not on a daily basis. I use it after a workout. It absorbs quickly into the body therefore burning more fat. I mix half of each - whey and egg.

I read in one of the answers that someone had an hour commute and was drinking whey on the way to work....try egg white protein powder. (Jay Robb is super clean).

I thought the objective of the SCD is to keep the insulin steady. Hence, this is one reason(besides getting the metabolism rocking) we eat within 30 minutes and within every 4 hours of being awake.

Eating to lose weight is a science pure and simple. It truly is all about being on target with food. Using food to fuel your body to have more energy to be more efficient, healthy and fit is essential. Add in exercise and eating the right combinations at the right times makes a huge difference.

Weight loss from week to week is going to change - its not going to be consistency 5lbs or 2 lbs. Or even 10lbs. If you are adding muscle you may actually gain a bit...and so on.

In regards to eating first thing in the morning - I suggest making it as whole as you possibly can. Breakfast will set the tone for the rest of the day.

  • angelbrenda commented May 18th 2011:
    So Michele, do you mix it with water only?
  • honeemoo21 commented Feb 7th 2012:

    Thank you for your answer. I started on the whey and my weigh loss stalled...everything else remained the same. I do have egg protein powder and will try that. I just find it hard to keep eating the egg whites, spinach and legumes every day!! But I'm desperate since my loss has stalled as well as the loss of inches. I'll report back about the egg protein and see if this makes a difference.

  • honeemoo21 commented Feb 7th 2012:

    oooops...!! just realized this was an old thread!! Hey, it still helped me though!!

  • rockthedress commented Mar 29th 2012:

    @honee What is the brand of the egg protein powder you use? Or can anyone suggest a good one?


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OK, I'm thoughrally confused

  • shane commented Apr 10th 2011:
    Understanding how the diet works isn't mandatory, but it can help get the best results. Follow Justin's advice and you'll be fine if you are going by all the other Slow Carb rules.
  • justin commented Apr 10th 2011:
    If you're trying to burn fat I'd skip all protein drinks even the unsweetened. They are really a "last resort". Remember the rule "don't drink calories". If you can't get enough protein without the shake - time it with workouts to minimize insulin spikes


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So is Whey protein Isolate(WPI) fine? Just in the morning? I usually start the day with a scoop of WPI, scoop of Casein (almost 40G protein between the two) some raw Cacao, Psyllium powder, cinnamon, a little vanilla and some stevia.

And then have a 50/50 mix a few times a day between meals to keep the metabolism going/meet my protein goal.


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I do 15g whey protein on waking up and 30 minutes later I have 1-2 eggs + spinach + beans + coffee. what do you think?


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Laura - THANK YOU! You hit the nail on the head. My husband has 1 hour commute and some mornings (the past 2 weeks) we have been doing a whey shake (no sweeters, additional flavors, etc) and our fat loss has completely stalled. It also is making me more interested in sweets during the day vs. the days I have a 'real' food breakfast.

So even though everything spikes our insulin, I am seeing the whey have very negatives effects, and was just thinking it was me - so thank you for your post. Time to get up 30 minutes *earlier* and make a real breakfast.




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great post.

i complete cut out all whey this week and weight loss went up.

  • alessusnik commented Apr 26th 2011:
    for me it was the other way around.
  • justin commented Apr 29th 2011:
    cool. that's why it's cool to test for yourself. I'm guessing the whey upped your protein intake and decreased your calorie consumption.


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So to summarize, Whey should not be used to boost the amount of protein for breakfast past the 30g mark. At least not unless the protein was coming only from Whey. Does that sound about right?

I do agree though. I was going along nicely and added Whey protein with water to my morning breakfast and stalled the fat loss pretty much immediately. I did see Tim's remark on unflavored whey but took it to mean that Whey was okay as long as it was Lactose free (like Hyrdowhey), but since I can't get Hydrowhey where I live, does anyone want to test theory for me?


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An insulin spike carrying amino acids through your bloodstream while you're in a deficit of calories sounds like a great way to preserve muscle mass.I feel like crap if I eat a meal which spikes my insulin. Whey protein shakes do not do this to me. Test this on yourself.

  • Sasuke commented Feb 23rd 2011:
    I think you feel like crap on crappy foods due to high blood glucose level. Dizziness and headaches from crap foods typically due to spikes in blood sugar and not insulin.
  • desert fox commented Feb 25th 2011:
    Thanks Laura, and yes I take it only in the morning because my shift at work starts at 7am and I have no time to have proper breakfast.
  • LauraCox commented Feb 24th 2011:
    The magnitude of the spike won't be as high as a huge carby meal, but it's a spike nevertheless. Eating 30g of pure whey after you wake up is probably ok--your body was starving all night & can absorb the 120 cals. Just don't eat it with other foods!


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Ack! :P Thanks for the heads up!


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hey Laura! doesnt micellar casein protein contain more dairy and lactose than a lot of other options, including whey?

Wouldnt that go against one of the principles? Just asking question, i have no idea if it works that way!!

Either way, going on your update, I will continue to have my whey in the mornings and just save the eggs for an hour or two later.

  • LauraCox commented Feb 25th 2011:
    They're about the same depending on the brand, around .5-1% lactose. Check the sugars, that's where the lactose would appear. Whey protein isolate has less than 1%, whereas casein has around 1% (ON micellar casein has 1%). What do you mean by 'dairy'?
  • Bluezen1014 commented Mar 17th 2011:
    I think what he is referring to is that casein protein makes up about 80% of the protein found in milk. Does that make a difference for weight loss?


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Laura, thanks for posting this. (Though I couldn't read the contents of your link because it requires membership). I started googling whey protein this AM. Anecdotally, looking at myself, I think whey protein impacted my week 2. Week 1 I lost 5 lbs. And then on week 2 I only lost 2lbs. I remember consuming whey protein several mornings in Week 2 last week (and even in between meals) because I was lazy to consume protein from whole foods. I'm on week 3 now and I will consume the whey protein only after workouts.


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This just seems like common sense to me. Anything in a powder form is going to break down faster and spike insulin. I know Tim suggests adding peanut butter in order to lower the GI level but I know what protein shakes do to me. I feel the spike, and then the crash afterwards.

It makes total sense that people are losing all their progress when they try to cut corners by ruining the first meal of the day.

I just started reading posts here yesterday but I have to repeat a question someone else was asking in another thread. Doesn't anyone read the book before starting the diet or coming here to post?? I've seen this protein shake question about five times already.

Thanks for the post Laura!


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I switched to whey protein shakes for breakfast just over two weeks ago and have not seen any stalling in fat loss. Interestingly though, my cheat days are taking longer to reverse. Before if I had my cheat day on the Saturday I would be back to my lowest weight by Tuesday morning. Now I'm stalling for a couple of days and then the weight drops back off by about Thursday. Weekly weight loss is still similar though.

Will look at removing this when I inevitably stall. Solids are still making me gag sometimes early in the morning, so this makes things much more palatable.


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Crap, I think this may have slowed me down.... I went a week without when I was out of town and even cheated a couple times and seemed to be losing quicker. Thanks for the info


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Wow - there's a lot of great conversation on this topic. As someone who has stalled almost from the start, I'm going to test whether my whey protein shake in the morning might be the culprit. This is certainly frustrating and confusing considering how protein shakes are suggested to be OK in the book.

Anyway, my question is how to apply this knowledge with respect to morning workouts. I want to start the 'perfect posterior' workouts but am struggling to know how to align it with SCD principles. I thought that drinking a whey protein shake before heading to the gym might be a fair compromise, but I'd like to cut the whey for now and test results.

I could have a couple hard boiled eggs while driving to the gym to satisfy the "eat within 30 min of waking up" rule and I don't think it would make for an unpleasant workout. Some have said working out on an empty stomach might be better for fat burning though.

After working out, should I have a whey (or casein?) protein shake waiting for me in the car? Or should I get to work (which will be 2hrs after waking) and have a normal meal (turkey, beans, broccoli, etc)?

So these are my dilemmas:

- Eat prior to working out or go on an empty stomach? - recognizing that with waking up, driving to the gym, etc it'll be 30 min at least until I'm working out and probably 1.5 hrs after waking until I'm done and ready to eat.

- Insert whey somewhere in the protocol ... before a workout? immediately after? If I have a lot of weight to lose (40+ lbs), so I skip the whey? Or do the benefits to whey related to muscle growth mean I should have something?

- If yes to a protein shake, what kind immediately before/after a workout? Whey/Casein?

Ultimately, I'll need to experiment and find what works. But I thought I'd ask around to see if I can find any shortcuts. Thanks in advance!

  • angelbrenda commented Apr 15th 2011:
    So, no protien, whey or casien before or after work outs????
  • candacey commented May 31st 2011:

    Shams: Did you ever experiment with this; cutting out your protein shakes in the morning and see a difference? Thanks

  • angelbrenda commented Jun 16th 2011:

    I tried a Casien Protien shake in the mornings but i got really hungrey within 1 hour

  • cbuijs commented Jun 23rd 2011:

    Thank you - this answered my question. I've found it easy to drink a glass of ice water on waking but hard to eat a full breakfast within 30min-1hr, so I'm going to try a whey protein shake (and only that) instead. So it'll be cold ice water, whey shake, then I usually walk the dog, exercise or do other things. I have enough appetite 1-2 hours after waking to eat a proper breakfast so this will make sure I'm getting my protein early enough until I'm properly hungry for breakfast. (I also like to exercise first thing BEFORE breakfast so this will help).

  • justin commented Apr 15th 2011:
    whey before & after workout or even during. (whey in water). If skipping the whey working out on an empty stomach consider taking BCAAs before you exercise then the whey after. Immediately before/after workout best would be Whey as it is fast release.
  • justin commented Apr 15th 2011:
    I'd skip any protein shake for fastest weight loss.


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True dat! Thanks for your awesome tip.

This one I'll keep in mind :)


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Sigh... I'm not sure this is the right meal plan for me then. Not that I can't deal with restricting things I eat, it's just that there are way too many "can'ts" and times where you have to think before every single meal.

Is anyone finding this easy at all?

  • kcsportsdoc commented May 18th 2011:
    Super easy and enjoyable. I feel good between meals (not hungry and counting the seconds until my next meal, like when I used to eat 4-6 small meals/day) and my energy is great. But I don't mind food prep or repetitiveness until cheat day when I party!
  • diana commented Apr 24th 2011:
    I have found it super easy. I eat the same thing for breakfast every day, and it's easy for me to go out to lunch and dinner and stay on the diet. I've run into some problems and I'm tweaking things a bit now, but I've been 100% compliant on the diet.
  • sbrown commented Jul 28th 2011:

    It is SUPER easy to me, the least restrictive diet I've ever tried!

  • justin commented Feb 24th 2011:
    i find it easy because there is no thinking involved and only 3 "can'ts".


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I think I have to agree I hav been working an odd shift this week have to get up at 3am to b to work by 5 long commute. I did protein shakes for breakfast all week just the shake then 3 hours later real protein. I kept everything else the same and gained 2 lbs so have to figure out what I can do for a grab and go for this week till I am back on track

  • brooke brennan commented Jul 28th 2011:

    i am exactly on the same shift and commute as you and have found the exact same thing. I have totally stalled but didnt clue in to the shakes. i have changed to casien but still doesnt seem to be making the scale move. its really hard at 3 am to find 30g of protein and who really wants to eat that early? I sure dont want to wake up any earlier but if thats what its gonna take...have you found any alternatives?


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I very rarely have a shake for breakfast, only if I've been lazy and not pre-made my breakfast quiche. However if I do it is always after 20 mins on my spin bike, so does that make it ok or is whey better after a weights workout?Also what kind of protein do you have in your shake that Tim prescribes in the book, my partner is on Occam's and has very low carb whey protein in his shake, he has put on quite abit of fat since being on Occams would casein protein in his morning and night prescribed shake help this?Thanks


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What about pea protein isolate? I've been using this on occasions when it would be difficult to get the protein on a morning.

Ingredients: 100% pea protein isolate

I'd be interested to know what you think




I appreciate the info but am very disappointed. I use a whey powder with a touch of stevia, mix it with water and spinach for my breakfast. I just can not stomach eating breakfast before work and it seems to be my only solution. I'll look for the powder you suggested because I am having a slow weight loss. Thanks Laura!

  • shane commented Feb 23rd 2011:
    Try hard boiled eggs cooked the night before-- those are a fantastic breakfast, along with some hot sauce to wake you up ;)
  • TheBSper commented Jul 24th 2011:

    You can also apply the "batch processing" concept from the 4HWW. I make all 21 hardboiled eggs that I eat each week (3 x 7 breakfasts) on Sunday night. I boil them while I'm reading or watching TV, then peel them when they're ready and put them in bowls in my fridge. It makes eating breakfast super fast and convenient. Just pull out the bowl and chow down three eggs while I heat up my lentils. I can finish breakfast in around 5 minutes.

  • Westicle commented Aug 5th 2011:

    Do the eggs stay fresh like that?


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So is there an official verdict for whey post/during-workout? I saw one comment saying it might be better not to but most comments seem to concern it as a breakfast replacement. If dropping whey post workout what would be the next best thing (i.e. fastest absorbed). Right now I'm doing a modified last mile (essentially ckd) and want to avoid muscle loss as much as possible but it seems like my fat losses have been minimal at best, even though I get stricter and stricter each week and I'm wondering if whey might be the culprit. Any insight would be much appreciated.

Also if it makes any difference the protein powder I've been using is a whey isolate/ micellar casein blend (1 or 2 scoops)


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I thought about this as soon as I read it in 4HB. Here are my thoughts on it...

Tim acknowledges that whey protein spikes your blood sugar, and as such provokes an insulinemic response, yet he says something like it seems not to be detrimental in the cases he's observed.

Well, think about it-- Before the book, people weren't doing the SCD on such a large scale and looking for 30g of protein within 30 minutes of waking up. This is conjecture, but I think it's fairly safe to assume he was observing bodybuilders take whey protein supplements in order to build muscle, as these are historically the users of high-quality BCAA supplements such as whey protein.

Well exercise has an effect much like the pAGG stack-- Recruitment of glucose transporters to the surface of muscle cells-- which means that instead of needing an insulin response to lower blood sugar, muscle cells are happy to sop up the excess glucose, meaning they can use it for energy that they need. This is why Tim encourages air squats and wall pushups before cheat meals. This is also one of the reasons why whey protein is so valuable in bodybuilding: the muscle cells get a lot of proteins and a lot of energy to fuel the anabolism that takes place after a workout.

There's a pubmed or PNAS study I've read on this that I'm having trouble locating, but suffice it to say it's out there, and the above claim isn't just wild conjecture-- that actually happens. I'll post a link if and when I locate it again.

So that means that taking whey protein in conjunction with other foods but not after exercise will provoke an unfortunate insulinemic response that will stall fat loss (by virtue of making new fat), whereas taking it after exercise should have an effect of increasing muscle mass while not producing that nasty insulin response. Taking it in the morning, as Laura said, shouldn't involve eating anything else so that you don't couple a huge blood sugar, and thusly insulin spike to your protein supplementation.


Ireland flag

Would this be ok?

"Micellar Casein from Reflex Nutrition is an instant mixing time-release protein product, it is made from fresh skimmed milk. It is not to be confused with acid casein or caseinates which are made using manufacturing processes which can denature the protein. The protein found in Reflex Micellar Casein is un-denatured, providing approximately 80% Casein protein and 20% Whey protein"

Nutritional Information

Each(45g) serving contains:

Energy 678kj/153kcal

Protein 35.1g

Carbohydrate 3.5g

of which sugars 1.2g

Fat 0.6g

of which saturate 0.4g

Fibre 0.7g

Sodium 92mg

Heres the website...


If not, any suggestions? I live in ireland and am very new to all this =)


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Laura please help!

I understand the hesitation to drink whey protein shakes in the morning and realize this may contribute to a stall if someone is doing this. However, I'm curious about the protein pancakes. You talk about these in another post and I'd really like to be able to eat these some mornings if I don't have time for my typical eggs, beans, salsa and greens omelet. Does this constitute as "having whey with other food?"

If so then when exactly are you eating the protein pancakes? I love the idea of preparing a lot of these in advance and freezing them for those mornings I wake up super early knowing I have to eat but want to go back to bed afterward.

Also if you know of any other ways to get a "quick" meal by preparing in advance and freezing or something to that extent I would be open to trying a new recipe.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate your help with this!


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I'm just so confused now :(

I understand it is "bad" to have protein shake for breakfast, but what after a workout??

I just came back from a very intense kettlebell workout and prepared a protein shake with a all natural Gluten free Pure whey protein isolate ( http://www.allmaxnutrition.com/products-type/isonatural-original/) which has 1g of carbs, 28g or protein. Added to that spinach, unsweetened original almond milk, chia seeds.......

Then I came to check some info on the forum and found this thread. I ended up throwing out the mix and have a regular meal (salmon and veggies) but I'm just all confused now.

I really need to loose that last 10 pounds of fat, so I don't want a protein shake to stall my progress! Especially not after a hard workout....

Please help!! Once and for all!

Should I take another kind of protein powder (gluten free) or not drink calories at all? Have a regular meal made of 30g of protein of meat? =?



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This is an interesting finding since Tim's dad found quite the opposite effect from Whey. For the last 2 weeks I've switched to Whey in the morning primarily to reduce my fat intake and focus more on lean protein. I may switch back to a whole food breakfast #1starting in March to see if it makes any difference.

  • candacey commented May 31st 2011:

    Did you ever notice a difference? Whole breakfast vs shake? Thanks

  • carlamaree commented Mar 29th 2012:

    Yes Tyler, please share your experiment results :)


Australia flag

Good information. Caesin was heavily promoted as a carcinogen in the China Study. Take a read.


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What about just good old egg whites, 4 egg whites, frozen veggies and some beans don't take longer than a shake to whip up in the morning!

  • spike commented Apr 20th 2011:
    The issue here is getting at least 30g of protein. If I remember correctly, the egg white of a single large egg only gives you 4g of protein. So based on your breakfast, it would still be 14g short.
  • forest parks commented Apr 20th 2011:
    Hmmmm.... I think I am just making it in my own breakfasts.... I use 1 yolk which has 1 or 2g of protein I think, half a cup of beans is between 6-8g of protein and then the veggies throw in a few more grams.... Maybe just falling short!
  • elitesrule commented Apr 22nd 2011:
    I'm eating 3-4 eggs (whole) & 4 pieces of Turkey Bacon every morning. I cook the eggs (scrambled) in butter in a pan on the stove & I microwave the Bacon (2 minutes and flip it and then 2 more minutes) and its working for me. Anyone see any problem here?
  • brianggilbert commented Apr 24th 2011:
    I use the AllWhites brand of egg whites in the carton, and they give a full 6g of protein from each 1/4cup serving. I usually go one whole egg and 3/4 of a cup of egg whites (24g total), and at least a half cup of beans in there (another 6g on average).
  • orezscu86 commented Nov 8th 2011:

    Elites-- Cut out the butter and use ghee or some sort of cooking oil (olive and avocado are my preferences). The problem with butter is that it has milk solids (whey proteins & lactose) that will spike your blood sugar.

  • schmano commented Jun 22nd 2012:

    @elitesrule to be fair you don't need the butter at all, do you?! Especially if they are scrambled! - a good non stick pan and you're cookin' (pun intended!)

  • Arelleth commented Aug 15th 2011:

    1 whole egg (6g protein), 6 Tbsp liquid eggs whites (10g), 1 cup black beans (14g) gets the job done for me.


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It also makes no sense cause powder is double expensive than egg at itself!

I calculated and come to follow results:

Full Egg contains 0.45 oz protein / 3.5 oz full egg. 3.5 oz cost ~ 1.27€

Self separated egg white contains 0.39 oz protein / 3.5 oz. 3.5 oz cost ~ 2.12€

Whey Isolate contains 3.13 oz protein / 3.5 whey isolate. 3.5 oz cost ~ 2.80€

  • schmano commented Jun 22nd 2012:

    @KayneWayne this is true BUT sometimes it's not all about the cost...lotsa folks look to whey protein or others as an option because they need 1) convenience (time constraints) 2) dietary alternative (some folks get turned off by a protein heavy breakfast)


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Hi Laura

I read your posts with interest. I have been on the SCD for 5 weeks and I just can not stomach breakfast. This week I have introduced "Bluebonnet 100% All Natural Whey Protein Isolate Powder" and acutally tastes really nice when mixed with water. The powder is sugar and artificial sweetner free plus low calorie. I hope this does not stall my fat loss as you say it may. I will see when I weigh in this weekend. If I have stalled would you recommend a switch to the Soya based protein powder?


  • schmano commented Jun 22nd 2012:

    Apparently soya base's are not a good option...can't remember where I read it but it made me go with the whey instead, and so far so good! I've had steady loss since I've included the whey in my diet.

  • schmano commented Jun 22nd 2012:

    Also, don't forget, this isn't a race. One week without a significant change doesn't mean you're going in the wrong direction. I've decided to measure all changes over 2-4 week span. I'm not in a rush and want to make sure I'm giving the diet my best effort/fair assessment. Sorry, wasn't preaching...I sympathize!!!

  • ddj commented Jul 3rd 2012:

    I wouldn't be too concerned with a whey protein shake on waking falvoured or not I know a lot of competition bodybuilders do this


United-Kingdom flag

This is very helpful and may help explain my stall. Thanks.


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I use this and mix it with water instead of milk.


No Artificial Colours, Flavours, Sweeteners, Preservatives, Starch, Milk, Lactose, Gluten, Wheat, Yeast, Fish or Porcine.

This is ok right?

  • LauraCox commented Feb 24th 2011:
    Yes, vegetable protein is slow burning, tho it's less effective at building muscle since it's an 'incomplete' protein that lacks some nitrogen / amino acids. Soy isoflavones also contain estrogen, so if you care about muscle, animal protein is best!
  • Dominique Martin commented Mar 4th 2011:
    Thanks, I think I will find some casein and give that a go :-)


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I do the shot, not the shake in the morning, but I usually wait 90 minutes to two hours before I have my real breakfast, so hopefully that's OK...


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So would it be alright to take casein in the morning and still take a whey shake after a hard workout? because won't the whey get absorbed quickly after i tear my muscles?


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my son who works at the ymca as a fitness attendant, says to use whey protein shake before u work out, it increases energy! it is true, i have drank it before my workout, and it really gave me more energy!!! whey is a muscle builder, it is not used for weight loss!!!

  • Galia Knight commented May 21st 2013:

    I switched from whey protein to pea protein (which Tim recommends in the book) simply because I thought whey protein would contain lactose which is supposed to be avoided on the diet...?


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What about grass fed gelatin?


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What about grass fed gelatin?


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We have been using Muscle milk and have still been seeing fantastic results. Then again we use the Sugar free, Lactose Free and Gluten free version. I really love it.


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Personally I still don’t understand why people resort to this except for emergencies. 2 jumbo eggs 1 serving of sliced turkey is around 30 grams of protien right there and is not that much food in terms of mass.

  • Kelly Michalak commented 85 days ago:
    I use it as a mid day snack. It can be difficult when you are running between meetings to actually sit down to eat something. Grabbing something that you can drink and go with is a huge time saver.

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