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Is coconut flour allowed?

Hi all!

I'm about a week into the SCD and it's been going well. BUT for the sake of not falling off the wagon (or quitting in the early stages) I was wondering is if coconut flour is allowed on the diet in moderation...meaning 2Tbsp every other day? The nutritional profile for 2 Tbsp is:

124 cal, 4g fat (healthy fat), 17g Carb - 11g fibre= 6g carb (2g is sugars), 5g protein.

The reason I ask is that some days I feel like if I have to eat another protein/veggie/bean meal...I'm gonna scream. I'd love to be able to make a one-serving bowl cupcake to have with my tea in the afternoons when I want a snack, but can't stomach another salty, protein-heavy meal. I used to make this all the time before the SCD:

2 Tbsp coconut flour

1 Tbsp cocoa


baking powder

1 egg white


whisk, and microwave in a bowl/mug for 1 minute.

I top it with a spoon full of peanut/almond butter and have it with tea.

I figure all the fat and fibre means it wont skyrocket glucose levels (if at all), and the stevia is what Tim recommended as a sweetener if you HAVE TO use one. Now, I have read other posts on here and I agree that you should train yourself to not crave so much sweets, which i agree with. honestly its not a "sweets" thing as much as it is a texture and "food genre" thing. every now and then i just need a break from eating meat and veggies and beans.I find i have been letting myself get really hungry (which is bad for my blood sugar levels and willpower) just because I cant stand the idea of having another one of those meals. As I adjust to this way of eating, I might not need this "security blanket" anymore, but for now maybe? Protein shakes help too, but I prefer something more natural, and that I can enjoy slowly... what do you guys think??


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Test it and see what happens.

Coconut and Cocoa both seem to be low glycemic.

However coconut flour does seem to be a moderate inflammatory which isn't good:

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Look for Almond Flour in the Gluten-Free section of your grocery, it worked for me.

Ingredients: Almonds. It's just finely ground up almonds that have the same consistency at the wheat stuff.

Don't go crazy on it, but its just a small crutch. I used it to thicken up a ground turkey meatloaf with (delicious) success.


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I've used coconut flour in the cauliflower pizza crust recipe found on here, and it didn't effect my weight loss at all. I've also used it to coat chicken before I bake it with excellent results. But like anything else we're not sure about on this diet, it's trial and error. Just because it didn't effect my weight loss doesn't mean it won't effect yours. Try it and find out. If it stalls you, then get rid of it.

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