Not hungry after slow carb breakfast.....

I have noticed that after I eat my slow carb breakfast @ 7:30am, I am not hungry until around 3pm. My breakfast consist of 3 whole eggs, 1/2 link turkey smoked sausage and 1/2 cup black beans, water and is around 487 calories. Is this a problem? Why am I not getting hungry? I have just started my 4th week with only about 3 lbs lost. While I am discouraged with the the low weight loss, I am not ready to give up. I find this way of eating exceptionally easy and not at all depriving. Please help!

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Are the EAS carb control protein shakes OK? Thought they contained milk products. Could this be why I am not losing the weight, not enough food? Can you tell me why I should swap the egg for beans? Thanks!

  • shane commented Feb 23rd 2011:
    Eggs have more fat, and beans have more fiber (to help move things along).


This illustrates the flaw i see in time's book, he says you don't have to count calories (i.e. protein,carbs,fat,fiber)

well if this person counted, kept track what he/she put in their body, we'd have more info to give advice.

real simple you find how many calories your body burns a day, mine is around 2,100, I work at a desk

to lose 1 lb a week thats 3,500 calories, divided by 7, thats 500 a day you should be missing

to lose 1 lbs, assuming you burn 2,100 a day.

well if you work out and do cardio you can be up at 3,000 calories a day

so you can eat 2,500 if you wanted and still lose weight

keep track of what you eat, every person who gets lean for a contest, as in bodybuilding or fitness/figure comps, keep track, why not regular diet people?

learn something from the pros so to speak

  • jtrim4HB commented Feb 23rd 2011:
    A little harsh there buddy. 5'9" and 168lbs I would guess with little or no exercise, I would need 1700 to 1800 calories, will have to look. But my concern with not getting hungry, is hunger is tied to metabolism, correct?
  • jtrim4HB commented Feb 23rd 2011:
    I find it weird that this combo of food lets me go all day without hunger, which I don't think is good. The quicker I am hungry, the quicker I have burned that breakfast off. Didn't know if I should eat a snack even though I am not hungry or cut back AM
  • Meni69 commented Feb 24th 2011:
    You aren't eating sugar, your insulin is not spiking, then crashing and creating new hunger. You'll be full on atkins diet. Eat a steak you won't be hungry for 6 hours. Hunger is not tied to metabolism. Read up on insulin.
  • Tyler21 commented Apr 14th 2011:
    After 2 months on this diet I have concluded that what I thought was hunger for my entire life was actually carb cravings caused by eating more carbs than needed. I too don't feel hungry with this diet but I think this is good not bad


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I'm not sure why you aren't hungry, but you shouldn't wait until 3pm to eat again. Maybe throw in a protein shake around 11 to get you an added 20 grams of protein or more.

You could also try removing an egg from your breakfast and adding more beans.


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I would try not eating SO much, and sticking to the eating every 4 hours rule. You can't be leaving so much time between meals; otherwise, it does not work effectively! Good luck!

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