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Do people start the lcd without reading the book?

Why are there so many questions asked that are clearly answered in the book? I always see people asking if wheat bread is okay or if sweet potatos are okay?

I understand there are areas that are not covered in the book, but some questions make me laugh / cry sometime.


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I was thinking the same thing, too. I suspect there are folks out there trying to figure it out without even buying the book. I appreciate the answers that are like this:

Q: Can I eat bread???

A: Page 73.


  • mightlife commented Mar 19th 2011:
    hehe! busted :)
  • Slipperystar commented Apr 29th 2011:
    Of course anyone who bought the book and read the first 4 chapters or so will know the answers to those questions. I've read those chapters several times each already....
  • Louis commented Feb 27th 2011:
    True, but that won't work for people like me who bought the audio book, if you include the chapter & section, that would help a lot!
  • Joiedevivre commented May 25th 2011:

    I do have the book, but haven't finished it & wanted to get started right away. I did read the SCD part and certainly understand the 'no fruit' and 'no grains' part, plus I've been doing Atkins for years, so sometimes I feel ignorant on the new diet, like why do you need beans? Then my first cheat day I didn't realize I had to do SCD for breakfast & messed that up. I had eggs at least with double fiber toast and a banana.

  • BT Blender commented May 24th 2011:

    I like having the ebook, since I can do a keyword search to find details that I can't remember.

  • Kimmer commented May 24th 2011:

    I started before I even received the book (ordered online) and even so, I knew you can't eat potatoes or bread.... that's why it's called a diet! :)

  • ajgoldman commented Jul 3rd 2011:

    You don't have to do SCD for breakfast. Cheat day is cheat day!

  • 4hbnprog commented Sep 17th 2011:

    Tim says to start your cheat day with an SCD breakfast that includes 30 grams of protein.

  • kevinsutton commented Dec 6th 2011:

    I know in my case I was so anxious to get started with the program, that I tried the first week or two having just skimmed the pages. I figured if I got most / some of it right the first few weeks, I could adjust as progressed and learned more.

    Honestly there is soooo much (good) information in there, that it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Sites like this have been great -- and of course I have gone back and read / re-read so much from the book over & over again.

  • EDTKO commented Feb 17th 2012:

    I too agree that owning AND reading the book is VERY important.

    However, wouldn't the world be monotonous and extremely competitive IF we all learn/understand/feel/look at everything exactly the same way and from the same angle?

    The information, explanation, direction, motivation, inspiration and the support are part of what's GREAT about this site. I AM so glad to have found myself here.

    I have had amazed at some of the questions asked here but then, also were surprised at realising my own ignorance... WHAT DAMAGE CONTROL?!?! I honestly did not know about the importance of it.

    I try to share with others the best of my experience/understanding on SCD but I dun bother to pinch their nose and forcibly spoon-feed. : )

  • Dominique Martin commented Mar 3rd 2011:
    Or the e-book! It measures by percentage of the book, not the page. So if someone was going to refer me somewhere, the chapter title would helpful.
  • Rocío Mar commented Jan 1st 2013:

    Bread is pretty clear. But wasn't sure whether "sweet potatoes" fell under "anything that CAN be white".


  • Brenda 7 commented Jan 1st 2013:

    The word "sweet" should be a clue it's a no-no except on your cheat days.

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I have some ideas:

Everyone is inundated with info on how to lose weight, etc. So much varying advice, it gets stored in the same area of the brain and when accessing Tim's info, it might get mixed up a bit. People who think whole wheat is healthy translates that it is BROWN and therefore not white. People who only eat white and bornw foods see sweet potatoes as health food so it "seems" like a good choice.

Folks with food/weight "issues" have another voice, the Feast Beast, that tries to steer them into eating off protocol. That voice is what brings up the questions from those who have actually read the book. Also, those with food baggage or the Feast Beast will quickly translate some of the DGW stuff into daily protocol!

TIP for those who have weight problems/overeating:

Tell yourself you NEVER eat off protocol. Dieters Gone Wild days, you still never eat off protocol becasue protocol IS no holds barred, right? Anything that tries to get you out of that commitment to yourself is the Feast Beast! You answer a "what about this or that, you deserve just a bite" etc sort of crap is met with "No, I NEVER eat off protocol!"



  • Maria Rider commented Oct 4th 2011:

    I have a Lazy Beast that speaks to me about "skipping your elliptical session today...you need the sleep" or "bleah exercise, you don't need it!" :) My FEAST BEAST is chained up with adamantium chains and is only let out on Cheat Day/DGW day.:) I definitely have my FEAST BEAST neutered and pretty much a docile beast now thanks to SCD! :D

  • JoyMc commented Oct 4th 2011:

    Crap, I have a Lazy Ass Beast too- I never thought of that voice as counterproductive. Hmmmm... "I always do my program exercises..." might be a good new mantra, right? This totally helps me, Akane!


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I read the ebook on the NookColor, so the page numbers still work. However, there are success stories in the book with people who don't folllow the diet strictly, so it does lead to some confusion. The book really doesn't read like any other diet book I've ever seen. (Which I like.) I found myself constantly re-reading, and even bought the hard copy too, thinking that it might be easier to follow. The rest of the confusion probably comes from people not having underlying knowledge about sugar, the glycemic index of foods, etc. And wishful thinking...


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I know 3 or 4 people on the SCD, and only 1 has the book. The rules are simple enough that people can be successful without reading the book... whether they stick with it in the long run remains to be seen! I know for myself, it took a book like this to make me actually feel empowered regarding my own health. I just assumed that because I sit on my butt all day for a living that I was destined to have a physique that bore a strong resemblance to the Grinch.

  • Beorn86 commented May 24th 2011:

    Same here, it was motivation! I also think that if people are going to try the diet they should buy the book, it's not that expensive and it's great to support :)

  • Phil Michalak commented Oct 2nd 2011:

    I bought this book on my Kindle, and then got the hardback version just because I felt it necessary. People should buy the book, in either physical or electronic form, just for quick reference and reading. It's easier to pick up the book at home to flip to the page I want, and when I go on a trip and need quick access to the info, I can fire up my Kindle.

  • Maria Rider commented Oct 4th 2011:

    Agree! I tell people about the Slow Carb Diet, but I URGE THEM STRONGLY to buy the book. Because there is a lot of science and stuff you need to understand to really know WHY you do the funky stuff you do with this diet. :) It isn't just all Tim talkin' out of his arse. ;)

  • Charley commented Feb 25th 2012:

    I personally find it very important to read and understand the book. There are still so many questions. Just following a weird plan without knowing why is not my way to achieve global & lasting changes on my body and habits.

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