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Women with small children, how is your progress?

I have 2 children (1,9 and 4). I just started my fourth week on slow carb diet and up to now I have not seen really impressive results. The numbers on scale have moved only 1 kg down (I know these numbers do not mean anything), also the measurments are the same, except for waist (72cm to 67cm). I do kettlebell swings (16kg) and other exercises Tim suggests three times per week, also try to run 2 times per week. So I was just wondering which are the results for other women with small children? Is it easier for you to follow this programm and change your body or visa versa? I hope that for me the following two weeks (week 4 and week 5) will show better results. I also have my bodyfat % taken in two weeks, so maybe I will see bigger changes there.

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My progress is pretty slow too. Ater 7 weeks I have only lost 10 pounds. I know that in the first 4 weeks it was a little faster than in the next three. I am hoping it picks up a bit. Plus I am still swelling, typically by now my swelling would be gone. I'll have to figure that one out.

I have 3 kids 8, 6, and 2. I have not yet incorporated exercise into the plan and the eating program has been pretty easy for me to follow, but I do feel like I need to tweak it a little more. I am not sure why my progress has slowed down so much, as I am still following the plan as written. Some people have been saying that the beans are making them stall. I wonder if there is anything to that. I haven't switched to edemame because they are soy and in the book Tim Ferriss says to stay away from soy. I do love them though. Someone suggested that I am not eating enough.

I have to admit I am getting discouraged but I am going to keep working toward my goal because I have to. 10 pounds is still more than 1 pounds a week which is very good! :)


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I have 2 children (10months and 4 years) that drive me up a wall as well as I'm a full time nurse outside the home. I average 5-7lbs a week loss. I have lost 66lbs but have lost track of what week I'm on. ;) Sorry.

I do minimal cardio 4x a week for 30mins but sometimes I don't exercise at all. My results are the same. I just like to have something to do. I'd say slow down on exercise.

I eat 4x a day. I make 5 days worth of meals (1 breakfast, 2 lunches, 1 dinner) in tupperware so I just grab a tupperware and throw it in the microwave and go. My 10 month old LOVES beans and veggies so I've been making extra for her to share. I haven't had a lot of trouble. Since starting SCD I've had so much more energy to boot.

If you want to talk my email is I can give you more mom specific tips or whatever. :) I've been doing this a little while now and I've found out what works for me finally.

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