HGC and Slo-Carb diet?

My sister bought me an Homeopathic HGC kit recently, just wondering if anyone has incorporated that into the Slo-Carb and fat loss phases?

My body 'feels' great at 155 pounds and active (5'9" 32 y.o female ) - right now I'm 174 pounds and barely active... starting with the 4-hour tips and program to cut out and bring in seems to align a bit with the HGC supplement. Just looking for opinions out there.

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Hi! Are you doing hCG with the VLC diet? The only thing that would be conflicting would be not getting enough calories for your body to burn the fat, although I know that's the purpose of the hCG. I know of another person who is doing hCG w/ 4HB as well, but I'm not sure of her progress.

I would also say that by eating a slow-carb diet and doing the recommended exercises you shouldn't really *need* to be also applying hCG at the same time, because the idea behind the food you're eating is that it allows your body to burn your fat instead of spend so much energy just burning the food. But I understand your reasoning.

What I might do in your case is try it the way you'd like it. Getting into hCG in the first place you've already done a lot of research, and you also understand the idea behind 4HB. Try it for a while, and if it doesn't seem to jive stop 4HB and finish your hCG treatment (since it takes a little while to get going. If your body is telling you you're healthy - ie, you have lots of energy, you sleep well, your blood sugar doesn't get too low, and you aren't weak - keep going down the road you're on.

Good luck!


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I would agree. It's very low cal and might cannibalize your muscles instead of feeding it healthy lean proteins and nutrients from veggies. Sounds like a bad idea.

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