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Hi everybody

My name is Cessilia and I am doing the Slow Carb Diet with my sister Jane.

I started this diet off @ 5'4 and 178lbs, and my possibility is to hit 130-140lbs by March 23rd. (I am meeting somebody VERY special) :D

Currently, we have been on the Slow Carb for ~4 weeks and I have lost only about 6lbs.

To be honest I'm disappointed because I expected about 15-20lbs.


If I am following the diet to the T, why am I not shedding the lbs? Any advice would help :)


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Hi Cessilia. First off, you said you started at 178lbs... now-

1)What was your body fat%?

2)Are you tracking your measurements?

3)Have you taken before pictures? Do you see an improvement so far?

You don't need to share these numbers, but these three things are MUCH better indicators of progress than the scale by itself. And one last thing, are you measuring your weight at the same time every day? Definitely do that, because meals/water/bathroom fluctuate your weight a couple pounds all day long.

Also, why 130-140lbs? Is there any reason for those numbers? You're expecting to lose 48-38lbs. (I'm assuming you mean lbs of fat.) I think you should choose a realistic goal that is attainable on average, such as 2lbs of fat loss each week, for however many weeks you stay on the diet. 8lbs in four weeks is doable. 48lbs probably is not.

If you're following the diet to a T like you say, you should be able to lose 2lbs a week, maybe more.

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