Hi All, Just Starting and in the UK, where to get Sups?

Hi everyone,

I've just got through a few chapters of the 4HB (it's a meaty read!) and my main focus in weight loss.

I'm currently weighing in at 14.3st post workout, and need to get some inch measurements.

What I was really wondering is if there any posters on this forum who have recommendations on where to get the simpler supplements e.g. PAGG and perhaps cinnamon capsules.

I'll be posting my "before/starting" pictures soon, and I think that joining up to a community will really help me keep on track.

My goals are:

-To cut my body fat down so that I lose the love handles and have some stomach definition.

- Build a bit more muscle, as I think that generally I am 'skinny' aside from my mid-section.

  • HelmGuy commented Feb 21st 2011:
    I'd be interested to know where best to get supplements in the uk too.
  • sarah-ra-ra commented Feb 24th 2011:
    me too! i wonder how many on here are from the uk?
  • Dominique Martin commented Mar 3rd 2011:
    I got everyting from amazon.co.uk. However there is a site which sells aag in one pill and the p in another. It costs £90 for 2 months supply. Which i think is cheaper and a lot less hassle than taking everything individually.

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I have been looking at Healthspan.co.uk i have previously tried some of their supplements ans they were both cheap and of good quality.

They have most of what you need, but for the Policosanol you have find a nother place.

All the best



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Ready made supplements can be found here:


Makes it a lot easier than buying all individually...

Hope this helps!



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PAGG stack sold on Amazon


I got all but the policosonol (or whatever it's called) from Holland and barred, they have a coupon in their magazine (1.75 in shop) that gets you the ALA half price - about 6 pounds, the garlic was on offer for 100 capsules. I got the AGG part for about 18 pounds just by going into the store.

  • Dominique Martin commented Feb 27th 2011:
    What?! i went into my local holland and barrent and all they could give me was the greem tea (not strong enough) and they didnt even have the right garlic! And none of the other supplements apart from cinnamon! I just spend loads of money on amazon :-(
  • goateez commented Dec 2nd 2013:

    I have to say - I like myprotein.com - I'm in the UK too...

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