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Whey Protein Isolate

I watched Tim Ferriss on Dr. Oz yesterday and feel confused about something. He recommends a Whey Protein Isolate shake for breakfast but I thought Whey protein was no good for losing weight.

Please clarify this for me and also which one is the best one to use.



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I believe this was what was on the show.


You want a whey with no artificial flavorings, sugars and low/no on the carbs.

In the book he said don't drink your calories, then he said this is how his father lost all his weight.

This is would be tough for someone starting this new way of eating to start drinking a Whey protein shake for breakfast and nothing else. You would be starving by 10 am and thinking about carbs and bad decisions and would probably quit. If you supplemented this with beans and veggies you would at least have a more full feeling. Personally I would rather eat my 30 gram of protein in the form or meat or eggs. I have used whey when headed to the gym after breakfast.


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I drink it regularly (with added psyllium for fiber--don't know if it makes a difference).

He also said his father was successful with whey protein shakes.

Test it out and see if it works for you over a week or two.

  • Erin Dunn commented Nov 22nd 2012:

    I used whey protein isolate every morning when i first started and lost about 7 lbs in two weeks, so it didn't impede my weight loss- I get one with very low sugar (1 gm per scoop) and low carbs.


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Whey Protein will spike your blood sugar, but the difference is that you are having it after a long fasting state. Essentially it will be used primarily for fuel rather than storage because of this. Your body can easily make use of this amount of calories for energy without needing to store any of it. (Whey+Water should only come in around 280-400 calories depending how much Whey you are putting in) Whey goes into the muscles quickly and is actually good for after workout (as the muscles require repair) or after fasting (as the muscles require fuel). You can add soluble fiber in as well which will slow down the absorption.

I personally used a Whey Shake every morning to great success. I started out the Slow Carb diet at 222lbs and worked my way down to 165lbs and each and every morning I started with a Whey Shake. I never hit the 10am starvation like some describe and if I did get hungry it was very manageable hunger, not the intense craving for certain foods type of hunger.

I do recommend that if you are going to have a Whey Shake in the morning that you only have that, getting 30g-50g of Protein. If you add food as well the blood sugar spike from the Whey could cause you to store some of the food you are consuming.

  • Minnie Mi commented Nov 23rd 2012:

    Thank You for all your responses!!! I will give it a try and see how it affects me!! I only have about 10 lbs to lose so I will definitely watch what it does to my body...

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